LATEST: Defence Minister issues fierce warning to violence plotters


The government yesterday issued a fierce warning to anyone who wants to demonstrate, saying that the police would call in the military in the event that they fail to contain the protests.

Defence deputy minister, Victor Matemadanda, said that the government will not be deterred by demonstrations from protecting citizens from the bumps of life. He said:

“We cannot be voted into power and be removed by people who burn tyres. You think I will go to my rural home, Gokwe, just because someone is burning tyres; I will never do that.

“We were elected to protect the interests of our people and we can’t allow our people to be abused by the so-called demonstrators.

“ZCTU were benefiting from multi-currency because they were getting their funds in US dollars. ZCTU doesn’t represent workers but it’s now working to advance political interests.”

Matemadanda added that everyone had a right to demonstrate for as long as they are not violent. He added:

“Those who want to demonstrate, it’s their constitutional right but they must not be violent because if the situation demands that the police call in soldiers you must know that they can’t use minimum force. It’s also their constitutional right. If they think they will come straight from demonstration to State House they will never live to see another day.”

His remarks came after the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) yesterday said its members will proceed with their demonstration if the government does not revert back to the multi-currency regime.

— Daily News

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