Pupurai Togarepi (55) breathes fire, reveals what will happen to MDC if it tries to unseat Mnangagwa


ZANU PF‘s Youth League secretary Pupurai Togarepi, aged 55, has warned the use of maximum force against the opposition MDC if it tries to overthrow the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying that will be the end of MDC as a party.

Togarepi says the MDC, who he refers to as surrogates of empirialism, must never start a war they cannot win because the police, military and Zanu PF youths are prepared to gang up and defend the constitutionally elected government.

“The MDC deputy national chairperson Job Sikhala, who suffers from chronic verbal diarrhoea is at it again, breaking the law as is his wont.

“Frothing at mouth Sikhala barked that they want to remove a constitutionally elected government, statements that are not only incisive to the public but are also subservice. We could have treated his disgusting utterances with the contempt they deserve were it not these treasonous statements are an open application to be admitted at one of the country’s prisoners where such people belong,” Togarepi said.

He added: “We hope the relevant authorities will treat this statement with seriousness to ensure that we do not have instigators calling for a violent overthrow of a constitutionally elected government.

“The MDC however should not overestimate its worth or capacity to mobilise, we are the majority and we have that power, power which is real, the opposition should never assume that it can overthrow President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“We do not only have the police and the military at hand to maintain peace and order but we also have a vibrant Youth League that will give everything, including paying the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that peace is observed in the country at all times and by all political parties.”

Togarepi says any slight provocation by the MDC will mark the end of the opposition party in Zimbabwean politics because there will be consequences.

“To assume that we will wait for them to unleash violence without consequences is very foolish. Nelson Chamisa and his cahoots should be reminded that we are ready to defend peace and we will react decisively if provoked. Let them accept responsibility of the consequences.

“They won’t be anything called MDC Alliance should they provoke anarchy. I hope Chamisa and Sikhala will be in front to witness the demise of their violent political outfit.

“The Art of War has a simple principle that “don’t start a war you cannot win”. These surrogates of emprialism should be warned that we are waiting for a any sign of intransigency and we will protect our democracy with equal force.”

Togarepi was responding to MDC deputy chairman Job Sikhala who over the weekend told party supporters in Bikita that the MDC is planning to overthrow the Zanu PF government before the 2023 elections.

Watch Sikhala speaking below:

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