Latest on 63 women’s panties which were found in graveyard, mubobobo ring leader flees from court


SIX Chiweshe men, convicted of black magic (mubobobo) at Chief Makope’s traditional court on Sunday, have been fined 16 cattle and four goats after 63 women’s undergarments were found at a graveyard in Nzvimbo village in May.

Speaking to NewsDay, Chief Makope said six of the culprits pleaded guilty to the charge and exposed their ring leader, a 70-year-old man who fled before judgment.

One of the accused distanced himself from the allegations levelled against him by the Bulawayo prophet Rutendo Mapurisa, also known as Madzibaba Sejiby from Umguza district and called for a different set of prophets to prove his innocence.

“After the prophet from Bulawayo (Madzibaba Sejiby) identifid the culprits, five of them said they were initiated into the mubobobo syndicate by the villager who fled after they were given small sticks which they used when going to bed,” Chief Makope said.

“Five of the culprits wept in court, pleading guilty to witchcraft so I fined them 16 cattle and four goats since they were initiated unknowingly.”

Chief Makope is appealing for prophets who are not from his jurisdiction to come and prove the innocence of the villager who pleaded not guilty.

The traditional leader said if the villager is found guilty, he will be judged harshly for wasting the court’s time.

Chief Makope urged people to desist from engaging in rituals that would forever torment them and their families.

— NewsDay

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