Latest: President Mugabe told Jonathan Moyo is part of Baba Jukwa


The anger President Robert Mugabe has repeatedly expressed in public towards Information minister Jonathan Moyo has been sparked by a very damaging intelligence report implicating Moyo in clandestine plots.

The News Leader revealed that Mugabe was presented with an intelligence report, which, we are reliably informed, implicates Moyo in the network of controversial facebook character, Baba Jukwa.

A top source very close to Mugabe revealed to us that the Zanu-PF leader fumed and went into an unusual mode after the intelligence report was presented to him a fortnight ago.

Mugabe used the funeral and burial of former cabinet minister Nathan Shamuyarira at the weekend, to take the gloves off and unrelentlessly blast Moyo. Describing him as the 'devil incarnate' and 'weevil', Mugabe openly abandoned all diplomacy and respect towards Moyo, underlining a deep sense of anger.

Mugabe is said to have shared the report with Vice President Joice Mujuru and security chiefs. He did not bring the Baba Jukwa saga for deliberation in the Zanu-PF politburo meeting last week, although sources say the matter has filtered through the Zanu-PF structures.

"The report identified Moyo and two other senior officials, including one in the military, as having been the forces behind the Baba Jukwa menace," our source revealed.

According to our source, the intelligence report is thorough and very comprehensive in showing and proving how Moyo and the other two individuals' link and involvement with Baba Jukwa were discovered and busted.

"The major issue is that the intelligence report clearly outlines how Moyo and the other two named individuals gathered and provided information for the Baba Jukwa page. The findings in the report are very consistent with the manner in which real things and information were published under Baba Jukwa," the source added.

The Baba Jukwa facebook page gained popularity through publishing top secrets right from state house, to cabinet and Zanu-PF politburo, some of which were proved by events to be true. There was no doubting that the network behind the Baba Jukwa page was bent on exposing and fighting the Mugabe regime.

The Mugabe regime was given sleepless nights by the exposes of the Baba Jukwa network, and was nudged into launching frantic searches in trying to establish the Zanu-PF faces involved.

"Investigations by the intelligence were launched last year, but the net started closing in around February this year, after the network had been infiltrated," a different source privy to the saga said.

Last month state media outlets ran claims of Baba Jukwa having been discovered and alleged two Zimbabwean journalists based in South Africa, Mkhululi Chimoio and Mxolisi Ncube as being the team behind the facebook character.

Moyo came out clearly involved in trying to sell the claim of discovering Baba Jukwa, and used media channels known to be under his influence and control, including UK-based online

However, despite sensational claims and very energetic attempts to push them, the Moyo claim has gradually fizzled out without any tangible outcome, or action to prove the authenticity of the claims.

"Moyo went into an overdrive about that claim after it had emerged that investigations had implicated him, but it was too late," a source said.

Despite all the twists to the Baba Jukwa saga, the popular page has continued to run on facebook and never closed down, even when Moyo and his outlets claimed to have 'hacked' it.

The News Leader phoned Moyo many times to try and obtain his comment but without success. He didn't answer his mobile phone save for once, when he picked the call and listened for a few seconds before terminating.

It has also emerged that the intelligence reported to Mugabe that Moyo has been scheming and plotting to chart his path towards taking over power.

"The report suggests that evidence exists, showing that Moyo harbours ambitions, and has been scheming and plotting his way, including by planting his agents in the state-owned media, who have implemented his agenda, of fighting and pulling down identified targets," our source said.

Separate investigations by The News crew show that, indeed, there is a sentiment within Zanu-PF circles that Moyo has been plotting to outdo Vice President Joice Mujuru in the succession battle, with some being of the strong belief that his mission has been ultimately that of helping his ally Emmerson Mnangagwa win the succession battle.

The Zanu-PF politburo last week deliberated about Moyo's use and abuse of state media to fight personal and factional wars. Another politburo source told us that daggers were out for Moyo, especially from the Mujuru faction.

"It was terrible and some told Moyo in his face, that he is a dangerous element, even asking Mugabe to dismiss him from government," a source said.

State media outlets exposed high profile corruption involving senior Zanu-PF officials, clearly under Moyo's supervision, ruffling a lot of feathers. There are accusations that Moyo used the exposures to selectively target rivals, and also that he ignored calls by Mugabe, 'not to wash dirty linen publicly'. – newsleader

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