Teacher disappears after romancing and s3xually abusing primary school girls


A teacher with Barwick Primary School is on the run following accusations of molesting female pupils.

The teacher Hilton Mafanya, who has been suspended, has since disappeared following his heinous act of fondling four female pupils.

The school’s headmistress only identified as Mrs Mukusha confirmed the incident saying the issue was now being handled by the board.

“I heard the report last week and I sent the issue to the board.

“When we tried to address the situation, the teacher then left the school on Monday, he is on the run up to now.”

A school memorandum signed by the board chairman Lyndon Nkomo highlights the concerns and the allegations.

“It is with regret that I advise that we have had unfortunate developments at the school and the board was advised of allegations pertaining to one teacher who was to have inappropriately touched four female learners.

“The report and letters of complaint from the children were received on Friday.

“After consultation with all Governors, the Chairman of the board of Governors directed the Acting Headmistress to suspend the teacher concerned to order him to vacate the school premises with immediate effect.

“This decision was taken to ensure that investigations regarding these serious allegations by our children are dealt with in an environment free of fear and intimidation.

The female pupils have been writing complainants addressed to the headmistress.

“Mr Mafanya is always touching me and I don’t feel comfortable. One day my friend came to me saying how do you feel around Mr Mafanya and I said uncomfortable and she said me too.

“I didn’t know who to approach so I then told my mother and she approached the headmistress,” one of the letters read.

Mafanya was also accused of s3xually abusing pupils.

“Mr Mafanya used to put his hand in my skirt, squeezing my thighs going up. He tells me to come a bit closer to him clarifying that he won’t hurt me.

“He is in a habit of doing that every time and I’m afraid of him, I then told my mother about the issue and she wrote an email to the school head,” another pupil wrote.

Parents have since petitioned the school to urgently address the issues.

H-Metro is in possession of some the audios which leaked where parents held a meeting with the board chairman of the Board of Governors Lyndon Nkomo.

Below are some of grievances raised during the meeting by different parents:

Parent 1

My daughter told me to write an email and I said I know.

I am surprised kuti the parent ndiye aita kuti zvibude I thought the school ndiyo yaita zvibude

I am much shaken, I don’t even know what to do. I don’t want my daughter to go through all this.

So what is the school doing for our children to be protected?

You could have told us that our children are being molested.

Parent 2

The way forward ngatigadzirisei chikoro, asiri right ngaabviswe aende, mateachers akazara kunze uko, I am concerned because I need this school, I am comfortable here but ndakutotya kuti ndingarara hope here vana vachiitwa so.

Parent 3

I don’t think we can trust your staff at this school because I don’t think these are the only victims because pataurwa futi kuti pane vakomana who have been abused by the same guy.

They are talking about the caretakers but what if there are many caretakers.

Former parents who remained quiet are so foolish they should have done something about it to avoid this. What if pane mwana akaita suicide, and this should be treated as an emergency.

Everyone who works at the premises should be investigated so please if you are going to make a move treat this as an emergency.

Include parents into this, not only board members alone.

Parent 4

So you telling us computer teacher akatoti vana huyai muone video akavhura chinhu chake vana vari muclass, grade 4.

They should be arrested, not to be dismissed, because dismissal you can be employed somewhere else unenge usina criminal record.

Munhu ngaasungwe uyu, vese naheadmistress vacho.

When he was asked akatoti am your dad I should know everything, imagine munhu achidaro iye achimolester vana.

They should be arrested, criminal case vese because whoever comes will still do the same.

We want a complete audit on this school.

— HMetro

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