LATEST: ACCZ leader false prophet Johannes Ndanga lambasts Nelson Chamisa’s 16 August mega demo


CONTROVERSIAL Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) executive moderator and false prophet Archbishop Johannes Ndanga has lamented MDC Alliance and a section of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who are planning protests and demonstrations in the country in an attempt to unlawfully unseat a democratically elected Government.

Speaking during the ordainment of seven Bishops of seven different indigenous apostolic churches, Archbishop Ndanga said indigenous churches will not support mass protests planned against Government by disgruntled political parties, with the support of NGOs who want to hold the country to ransom.

He said it was incumbent upon Zimbabweans to build their own nation and support Government.

“We should help Government run the country. What people do not understand is that if a country fails it does so collectively. We fail collectively.

“It’s not about party A or party B failing. As ACCZ we are calling upon all members of Apostolic and Zion churches in the country to support Government through its national events. For instance we have heroes’ commemorations coming, we urge all our members to go and attend national events.

“There are people who just want the position of Presidency and they are misleading people because they have selfish motives. We are always in an election mode. We need to unite. As a nation we should speak with one language as is said in Acts Chapter Two. We should not make people suffer because so and so wants to be President. This is retrogressive to development. We need to consider people because you can’t let people suffer simply because you want the next person to fail,” he said.

Archbishop Ndanga said sanctions have had adverse effects on the economy and the ordinary man hence political parties should stop lobbying for them.

“Let us do away with sanctions. We want sanctions to be removed. We should change the people’s mindset so that when we say sanctions must go we are speaking one language not to mobilise people to march.

“We need to change our mindsets from the top politicians to the last man. We are launching African Mindset Changing Movement where we are targeting everyone but mostly our churches,” he said.

The comment comes after MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa has called on people to demonstrate, a move that has been widely received by the majority of Zimbabweans.

In 2017, Ndanga failed spectacularly with declarations that former President Robert Mugabe would rule Zimbabwe until his death. Mugabe was ousted by General Chiwenga’s army in a putsch which installed Mnangagwa as president of both Zanu PF and Zimbabwe in November 2017.

Ndanga was also alleged to be one of the main organisers of the Super Sunday, Church Interface Rally which former first lady Grace Mugabe used to attack then Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, making numerous allegations against him.

The church interface rally was used by various apostolic sects to reiterate their support for Grace Mugabe with some going as far as claiming that they had received prophecies that the heavens had crowned Grace Mugabe to be country’s vice president. It was also Grace Mugabe’s last public appearance.

In 2013, Ndanga announced that as church leaders they stood guided by a 1934 prophecy by Madzibaba Johane Masowe that Mugabe would die in power and urged Christians to support the ousted former president during elections then.

“Biblically if you read exodus chapter 24 you will understand,” Ndanga thundered in Rufaro Stadium then.

But last year, Ndanga, in his three minutes address, flip-flopped and revealed to church leaders attending a meeting with President Mnangagwa that it was God’s will that Mangangwa must take Zimbabweans to the Promised Land.

“All what is happening in the country your Excellency is very normal, because Moses did not take the Israelites to Canaan, but they were taken to the Promised Land by Joshua,” said Ndanga.

“Mugabe in God’s word was not allowed to take Zimbabweans to Canaan, but God wants Mnagangwa to take the children of this country to the Promised Land.”

— SundayNews/MyZimbabwe

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