LATEST: Businessman Wicknell Chivayo speaks on August 16 MDC Alliance mega demo


Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo has warned people against participating in the August 16 demo against President Mnangagwa’s government.

In a lengthy social media post, Chivaro said participating in the demo would be a sure fire way of sending people to their deaths as police and army will be ready to intervene if need be.

He also accused MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa of being a sore loser who is trying to overthrow the ED regime through anarchy

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Zimbos, don’t participate in the MDC Demo

Here is why:

1. It’s definitely going to be violent_* – MDC leaders know very well that a peaceful protest won’t have an impact, they have already planned to unleash anarchy.

2. Police & soldiers will definitely intervene_* – The protest will be violent & police & soldiers will intervene. It won’t end well, stay safe.

3. What’s the point of the demo?_* – ED Mnangagwa invited Chamisa to join dialogue many many times but he is refusing. Does he want people to die first before joining the dialogue? Why should he use us unnecessarily yet he can join the dialogue?

4. After the demo, ED will still be President & Zanu Pf in power – Let’s not be in denial, Chamisa can’t be President even if ED resigns. Zanu Pf will simply choose a successor, that’s what the Constitution says. Zanu Pf has 2/3 majority, they can impeach Chamisa even if he had won the Elections. Chamisa must focus on winning the rural votes, he is wasting time on useless things.

5. You can be arrested & languish in jail alone – As l type this, others people are languishing in jail for participating in the January protests. Most were sentenced up to 3 years in prison. They are all alone, nobody is suffering with them so just stay away from these demos.

6. The current Economic Challenges are a result of painful but necessary reforms – Dear Zimbabweans, our economy was headed for an implosion. It was unsustainable. With the help of the IMF, the govt is resetting the economy so that we can be as normal as our neighbouring countries. Chamisa is misleading people, there is no easy way out. Kudos to ED for taking the unpopular but right decisions. You think IMF officials don’t know what’s the right thing to do? They know & they are advising the govt well. It will be well.

7. MDC lost elections & is still losing – The recent 4 by-elections were resoundingly won by Zanu Pf. Zanu Pf even took a Ward in Nyanga that was won by MDC in 2018. Zanu Pf won resoundingly in Matebeleland. Chamisa is destroying the MDC & now wants to use us to get a seat on the table. Even if we have an election tomorrow, Zanu Pf will still win. MDC needs to go to the grassroots. MDC is not even delivering in Harare, Masvingo, Bulawayo, Gweru & Mutare. Why do we think they will do better in running the country? Why are they not being helped by their Western friends?

Let me say Fellow Zimbabweans, we are facing challenges & they shall come to pass. We need peace & dialogue. Don’t die for a politician. Don’t be arrested for a politician. Don’t be injured for a politician. Focus on your lives & don’t join the 16 August Demo.

Share with your loved ones. Let’s not lose lives. God bless you.

— iHarare

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