Former VP Joice Mujuru reveals what General Solomon Mujuru told her about ‘the boys’ before he died


Former Vice President and National People’s Party President Joice Mujuru has revealed that there was a lot of mistrust in Zanu Pf even before the death of her husband Solomon Mujuru.

She said the late army general whose death remains a mystery warned her to be wary of the “boys”.

Without disclosing who the boys were, Mujuru said she appreciated her late husband’s words as he had predicted the future correctly.

She said:

“Today we remember a true hero of the people’s struggle. Makasiya mataura kuti tivangwarire vakomana vaye meaning you told us to be wary of those boys. Maive nemuono wetwiza meaning you predicted and could see in the future.

RIP Solomon Mujuru aka Rex Nhongo. The people’s general. The people’s hero. Hazvina mhosva meaning it is well.”

The former army general Mujuru who was known as Rex died in a fire in the early hours of the night of 15 August 2011, at the homestead of Alamein Farm, Beatrice in circumstances which to date remain a mystery and have been described by many as suspicious.

His wife Joice is however on record claiming that her husband, who was regarded as the “king maker” in the southern African country, was shot dead before being burned inside his farmhouse.

She believes that the country’s former leadership some of whom are still at the helm of power know who killed her husband, but were not willing to disclose that information to her.

Joice is on record saying:

“There was a blue, blue flame, almost one and a half to two metres high, not normal at all. It seemed to me there was some kind of accelerant. I can’t say who did it, but they know the people in power. It will come out.”

Her optimism for justice have however remained a dream 8 years later.

— Zimbabwe Eye

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