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Blacks and white men compete to have sex with 1 prostitute: My vag*na is the best


LIFE WAS hell for this prostitute (PICTURED) on the cold and lonely street corners of a small town.

So she moved to the city and consulted a sangoma. Now she spends her nights between sheets instead of on the streets. She told Daily Sun that her vag*na has magic powers that keep her customers screaming for more.

The woman from Vuka section in Vereeniging, shakes her head when she remembers trying to make a living as a prostitute in Mth- atha, Eastern Cape.

"Long, cold, rainy, Eastern Cape nights without customers meant sore feet and a hungry family. I couldn't take it any more, so I moved to Gauteng," she said.

Not only did she come to the city, she also consulted a sangoma who gave her a very special muthi. And now she is the queen of the prostitutes!

"I consulted an inyanga for lucky muthi. Since then my business has been booming. Even white people want to kill each other over my vag*na, because they all want a piece of the cake," she said.

"Before I go to work I put the muthi in my bath water. Then nobody can resist my looks and my charms. There is no time to rest once I get into bed in the morning. "She said men just love her breasts and her technique.

"When they walk out of here all they want is my name and my telephone number. "I give them the best service they have ever had! She charges R300 a round for white clients and R100 for black clients – but it's the white men who keep her business going.

She said her family back home depends on her and every December she goes home with money and groceries. "Customers tell each other about me," she said.

"I am always surprised how new customers come to me all the time. "Business is so good for her, fellow workers who have been on the streets for many years are jealous of her success.

She even gets threatening SMSes: "I got a message saying vutha will attack me and a stroke will finish me off. "One of the other prostitutes told her she must share the white customers or die. "My sister is dead and this woman said I will end up in the grave just like her," she said.

"Two weeks ago I had terrible pains in my left leg and she told me I would soon follow my dead family members. "She does not mind being in the newspaper: "If people see my face in the paper perhaps she will stop fighting with me," she said.

Daily Sun spoke to one of the prostitutes, who said people like her are greedy. "She wants all the men for herself," she said. "She should share with us so we can all make a good living."

Sangoma Ntsimbi 'Edlezinye Ngema said she might be using muthi called woza-woza. "The muthi is used by people to attract the opposite sex," he said.

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