Mahiya who was ‘hiding in Mbare’ during war period warned against provoking the already angry masses


The MDC youth assembly has described Douglas Mahiya’s remarks during a media conference yesterday as reckless and unfortunate.

See the MDC Youth Assembly statement below:

MDC Youth Assembly is highly incensed by unfortunate utterances attributed to the war mongering ZLWVA spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya by the press.

Exhibiting immaturity and disrespect to the lives lost during the long protracted war of liberation, Mahiya stupidly threatened to upset national peace by unleashing anarchy and violence just to protect Emmerson Mnangagwa’s parochial power ambitions.

Not only does Mahiya’s reckless utterances expose his thuggish and terrorist behavior, but more importantly it lays bare his questionable war credentials.

Real war veterans loathe war for obvious reasons that it is a retrogressive mechanism of problem solving.

Only pretenders and bogus liberation war veterans calls for a repeat of such a traumatic and painful experience that left thousands dead, maimed, displaced and homeless.

A small dig into the liberation archives clearly shows that Douglas Mahiya was no where near the liberation war front nor was he at worst a war refugee.

Unlike his garrulous war mongering friend, Victor Matemadanda who at least crossed the borders to be a taxi driver in Zambia, Mahiya was domiciled in Mbare where pickpocketing was his daily routine.

Clearly Mbare is not and can never be Mgagao, Chifombo, Chimoio or any other liberation war base where our esteemed liberation war veterans received their training.

We know there is a clear ploy by ZANU PF apologists like Mahiya and Matemadanda bent on pilfering and soiling the image of real liberation war heroes.

Key to the ethos of liberation war is the principle of one man-one vote, respect of civil and political rights and the land question.

Unfortunately Mahiya’s employers ZANU PF and his master, Emmerson Mnangagwa have all but lost the liberation war moral campus.

By stealing the July 2018 elections, they defiled the principle of one man-one vote and by killing innocent civilians on 01 August 2018 and banning demonstrations, they soiled the liberation agenda of creating a society that respect civil and political liberties.

It is for that reason why the European Union has effected targeted embargoes and clearly MDC is not EU and neither the vice versa is true!

As young social democrats, our ethos tap into those of real war veterans!

War and abductions surely is not going to chase hunger and starvation from the doorsteps of long suffering Zimbabweans.

As an Assembly is equally important to warn Douglas Mahiya and cabal that any attempt to provoke the already angry masses will responded to in a suitable fashion.

Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson

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