Drama as boy (12) watches p0rn with girl (13), then enjoys sweet se_x with her and impreg_nates her


A 12-year-old boy from a village under Chief Mkoka in Gokwe has sent tongues wagging after he impreg_nated his 13-year-old neighbour.

According to a B-Metro mole, the two juveniles had been dat_ing since last year in June. The two children both stayed with their grandparents who never suspected anything until the girl fell preg_nant.

“These two have been friends since childhood so when they started dat_ing, no one noticed as we all thought they were just friends. They used to visit each other more often and they even went to school together. The boy would sometimes sleep over at the girl’s home under the pretext that they were doing their homework.

“The girl’s grandmother would let them share the same room although they used different beds as she never suspected that the two might play the adult game,” said the source.

The matter only came to light when the girl fell sick and was taken to a local clinic where a preg_nancy test was done and it revealed that she was two months preg_nant.

“The girl was asked who the father of the baby was and she confessed that she had been dat_ing her neighbour for more than a year. She narrated how they would watch p0rn on the boy’s uncle’s phone and how they would then copy what they would have seen,” said the source.

It is understood that the matter brewed tension between the two neighbours as they all blamed each other for bad parenting.

“The girl’s grandparents did not take the matter lightly. They accused the boy’s grandparents of failing to raise their grandson properly. As a result, the matter was taken to Chief Mkoka’s traditional court where it was deliberated on,” said the source.

Contacted for comment, Chief Mkoka confirmed the incident saying he warned the two youngsters against engaging in se_x.

“I presided over a matter of two grandmothers who were fighting after their grandchildren had a relationship which resulted in preg_nancy. I counselled the two women and l also strongly warned the two children to stop engaging in se_x. I have since forwarded the girl’s name to an organisation that deals with children who get preg_nant so that she can be assisted,” said Chief Mkoka.

— BMetro

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