DRAMA: Maid (17) snatches employer's husband, now looking after her children who are older than her


A 17-year-old housemaid from Sakubva is heavily pre_gnant after snatching her male employer and dishing out se_xual favours behind his wife’s back.

The housemaid, Priscilla Muchisi, who has since replaced the wife (only identified as Musiiwa) as mother of the house is now looking after the pair’s four children, two of which are older than her.

According to Priscilla’s younger sisters Polite and Fungai, Musiiwa was chased away by Musatukana Mwapinzeudyi after she discovered the affair.

“When she was 16, she was our elder sister’s maid and snatched Mwapinzeudyi from under her nose. She was sleeping with him behind her back. Such betrayal to come out of that young a person is unbelievable,” said one of the sisters.

“She is only 17 but is looking after our sister’s children who are older than her. One is 19, the other is 17, then 12 and four. I do not know how in her right mind she saw it fit that she can hook up with a man who is older than her father,” said Polite, who had no kind words for Muchisi after their latest violent confrontations, which happened at the Mutare Civil Courts on Monday this week.

The sisters claimed that Muchisi was mistreating all the children.

The sisters . . . Polite and Fungai leaving the courts

Polite and Fungai have however, taken the rivalry into their own hands, and at every chance given humiliate, harass, embarrass and provoke Muchisi for stealing their sister’s husband, an action which has prompted Muchisi to approach the Mutare civil courts seeking for protection.

However, after the court session, the two sisters caused a scene, shouting obscenities at Muchisi and calling her names.

The visibly pregnant Muchisi kept her distance from the sisters who were vying for her blood and stood on Mwapinzeudyi’s side.

The sisters continued shouting telling all who cared to listen that Muchisi had been their sister’s trusted maid and had betrayed her.

In her application, Muchisi told the court that she was living in fear of her life because the sisters were threatening her with unspecified action.

“They text and call me, labelling me a pr0stitute because according to them, I am the reason why their sister got separated from her husband who is now my man.

“They harass me at home and at Mwapinzeudyi’s workplace. They accuse me of not taking good care of their sister’s children but I am doing everything to see that those children are taken care of,” she said.

The trio appeared before magistrate Miss Prisca Tendai Manhibi.

Said the magistrate: “Are you not ashamed that instead of your older sister to be in this rivalry with her, you are the ones provoking Muchisi and fighting as if you were the ones who were married to your brother-in-law (Mwapinzeudyi?”

The protection order was granted.

— ManicaPost

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