Tsvangirai's goblins killed his wife and grandchild and demand sex from Elizabeth: says MDC-T insider


A Baba Jukwa-like blogger who operates anonymously on Facebook using the name 'Harvestlikis' has posted sensational claims, alleging that the troubled MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has goblins that are tormenting him and his marriage.

Harvestlikis, who has previously posted other chilling gossips which later turned out to be true, among them claims that Elizabeth had separated with Tsvangirai, Tsvangirai's sympathisers were planning to beat up Mangoma, Biti was working on toppling Tsvangirai and many more, yesterday took his gossiping to overdrive when he claimed that the opposition leader's goblins were vowing to sleep with his wife Elizabeth Macheka-Tsvangirai.

"Good morning gentlepeople. There are some people who accuse me of lying about Captain's marriage to Sister Lizzy. Hanzi hee unonyepa inga takavaona vese wani after that hospital debacle. You want to provoke me into saying much about this couple. Although she sometimes visits Save at his Highlands home, she vowed that she would not stay there permanently, and do you know why. She fears to be caught up in the cross fire yezvitokoroshi zvaSave," said Harvestlikis.

The faceless Facebooker further reported that the alleged goblins were behind Tsvangirai's first wife Susan's death in 2009. As if that was not enough, he also claimed that the said goblins also allegedly killed Tsvangirai's grandchild who mysteriously died in a swimming pool at his Strathaven home in Harare. Surprisingly, or rather coincidentally, the grandson drowned in the swimming pool exactly a month after Susan's death.

"During Save's last visit to TB Joshua, he was told that he must get rid of zvitokoroshi zvaakapihwa kuti apinde muState House. According to TB Joshua these zvikwambo are the ones which are causing Save's misfortunes. These are the same zvikwambo which caused the death of Susan and muzukuru akawira muswimming pool," said Harvestlikis.

Susan Nyaradzo Tsvangirai (24 April 1958 – 6 March 2009) was killed in a collision on the Harare-Masvingo Road on 6 March 2009, approximately 45 miles south of the capital, Harare. Her husband, Morgan, who had been prime minister less than one month at the time of the accident, was injured in the crash. The couple had been en route to their home in Buhera, Manicaland, where they planned to stay the night before attending a Movement for Democratic Change – Tsvangirai party meeting at the Murambinda Business Center the next day.

They were travelling in a Land Cruiser within a three car convoy when a truck belonging to the US aid agency United States Agency for International Aid (USAID) travelling in the opposite direction crossed into their lane and side-swiped their vehicle, causing it to roll over three times. Morgan said his wife's death was an accident. The British foreign ministry said the truck was part of an aid project jointly funded by the US and UK and that the crash appeared to be "a genuine accident".

The four-year-old grandson identified as Sean drowned in a swimming pool at the Prime Minister's Harare home in Strathaven in the first week of April 2009. Sean was the son of the former Prime Minister's second born child, Garikai, who lives in Canada and had been in Zimbabwe since the death of his mother Susan.

Harvestlikis, who claims to be operating from MDC-T's head office, Harvest House in Harare, said the alleged goblins are now demanding to have sex with Elizabeth whenever she sleeps at Tsvangirai's Highlands house. He also alleged that the mysterious underworld creatures are threatening to kill Elizabeth for refusing to sleep with them, hence that's the real reason behind Tsvangirai's marital problems.

"Now they were demanding to sleep with Lizzy and when she refused, the zvikwambo wanted to kill her. Ndoochokwadi weduwe, mitombo haibatwi batwi," he said in conclusion.

In October last year, Tsvangirai paid a visit to popular Nigerian prophet Termitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua), raising speculations that he is seeking divine intervention after suffering a heavy defeat to rival President Robert Mugabe in the July 31 disputed poll. He was seen on the free-to-air Emmanuel Television sitting at the front row during the morning and afternoon sermons at TB Joshua's Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) in Nigeria.

TB Joshua prayed for the beleaguered MDC leader at around 3pm. The prophet placed his hand on Tsvangirai and prayed for him. In the midst of the prayer, Tsvangirai sat down and rose again as if overwhelmed by the man of God's words.

Meanwhile, Prophet TB Joshua was in January this year named among reasons leading to the MDC T leader's marriage breakdown to Elizabeth Tsvangirai nee Macheka who has reportedly vowed never to spend the rest of her life with the former Prime Minister.

It is reported that Mr Tsvangirai tried to resolve a sensitive personal problem by consulting Prophet T. B. Joshua(pictured), meeting little to no success on that front.

Ms Macheka said money was not the reason behind their crippled marriage, instead it was something serious which Tsvangirai tried to solve through visiting prophet TB Joshua.

"He knows the genesis of the problem, what steps he has been trying in vain to address the situation, including visits to TB Joshua and others. The paralysis between us has nothing to do with the outcome of the July 31, 2013 elections, MDC-T, any other political entity, foreign hand or material worth. The matter is both personal and circumstantial and only him and not even relatives, friends or party comrades can solve," said Elizabeth then. – Source My Zimbabwe News

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