ZANU PF Hurungwe West MP Keith Never Guzah's wife of more than two decades has sensationally revealed how the parliamentarian's love for sex with lots of women and drugs destroyed their marriage.

Guzah's wife Zandile Guzah, nee Maseko, made the revelations while responding to Guzah's application for her to leave their Zvimba family farm, following divorce proceedings instituted by the Zanu PF MP.

"…the applicant (Guzah)'s promiscuity, drug abuse and violence led to our separation and I had to reside at the farm which I had always administered and managed," Zandile said.

She dished out dirty on Guzah, accusing him of selling most of their matrimonial property and that he was violent.

"…the divorce proceedings were instituted to protect myself (Zandile) and the children as we were facing physical and emotional abuse from the applicant (Guzah) who was heavily on drugs," Zandile wrote in court papers.

Zandile further said her children had to run away from home and stay with her after they were beaten up by their father. In her court papers, Zandile argued that she was a co-owner of the farm and should not be evicted.

"I actually grow tobacco while applicant spends and misuses the money," Zandile said.

According to court papers, Guzah married Zandile in March 1991 and the two were blessed with four children. But the two have since separated pending divorce proceedings that were lodged by Guzah at the High Court.

"The marriage has irretrievably broken down to such an extent that there are no prospects of restoration of a normal marriage relationship in that, both parties have lost love and affection for each other, both parties have not lived together as husband and wife for a continuous period since January 2008, which period is in excess of twelve months as at the time of instituting the proceedings for divorce," Guzah said in court papers.

During the subsistence of their marriage, the two managed to acquire various properties. Among some of the movable property that they acquired were six tractors, three ploughs, 33 head of cattle, a farm, a Highfield house and several vehicles, according to Guzah's declaration.
However, Zandile differed with Guzah's submissions, claiming that they had not lived as husband and wife since February 2006. She went on to make a counter claim and accused Guzah of deliberately leaving out some of the property that they acquired together.

She went on to give a list of the houses they acquired together, which are in Mt Pleasant, Mandara, Avondale and Highfield. She also mentioned a fleet of cars, which include a BMW X5, two Mercedes Benz — an S600 and an SLK 200 — a Range Rover, a Toyota Hilux and a 7-tonne truck.

Guzah's wife made a proposal to be given a Hyundai Rajet, Toyota Hilux, T35 truck, 7-tonne truck and a Range Rover, while suggesting Guzah be given a BMW X5, the two Mercedes Benz and a Porshe Cayenne.

According to her counter claim, Zandile is demanding personal maintenance of $600 every month and $900 for each of their two children, whom she said were still attending university in China. However, while these proceedings were still pending at the High Court, Guzah filed another High Court application seeking to evict his wife from their Carlton Curlieu farm, in Zvimba.

In the application Guzah cited Zandile, Jacob Johannes Pistorious and Louise Greyling as respondents. He argued that, he was allocated the farm under the land reform programme. He said that Zandile had forcibly taken occupation of the farmhouse. He said that Zandile barred him from carrying undisturbed farming activities at the farm and acted violently.

"She threatened to kill me if I set foot on the farm. I took her threats seriously because during my father's funeral in September 2007 when there was meat shortage, I went to the farm with my son to slaughter one beast as I had over 70 cattle at the farm. She became violent and assaulted me and almost broke my hand with a hoe handle. We had to leave unceremoniously and empty-handed," Guzah said.

He sought an order for Zandile's eviction, arguing that he stood to be prejudiced, accusing her of failing to settle electricity bills. However, Zandile argued that Guzah was trying to mislead the court and trying to get undeserved sympathy by painting a bad picture of her. She denied forcibly taking over occupation of the farm. Zandile also denied threatening to assault Guzah.

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