SHOCKING: Why President Robert Mugabe instructed his family to TIGHTLY GUARD his body revealed


THE bitter fallout between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the late former president Robert Mugabe which has divided their families, Zanu PF and government, as well as the public — exacerbated this week in his death as it did in life, with far-reaching political consequences.

A series of dramatic events — including Mnangagwa’s visit to Mugabe’s home Thursday and his failure to break the deadlock over where his mentor would be buried – characterised the theatrical end of an era.

Thursday's visit was Mnangagwa’s first visit to the Mugabe family home since 2017. Since the November 2017 military coup which brought to an end Mugabe’s 37-year rule, while propelling Mnangagwa to power, the two comrades-turned-enemies had not had direct contact.

Mugabe and Mnangagwa had been communicating through emissaries, including Central Intelligence Organisation director-general Isaac Moyo.

When the coup happened, Mugabe and Mnangagwa completely lost contact with each other.

Before his death in Singapore, as exclusively reported by the Zimbabwe Independent lead story in the August 9 edition, Mugabe told his family that he does not want to be associated with Mnangagwa, some government officials and military chiefs, whom he viewed as “betrayers” and “tormentors”.

Mugabe had told his family that he does not want Mnangagwa and his allies to take custody of his body as it might be used for ritualistic purposes, sources said.

It has also emerged Mugabe told his family that he does not want Mnangagwa and the government to have custody of his body at any given moment and pontificate over it, insisting Grace and other family members must closely stick to it until it is interred.

Family members told the Independent Mugabe feared there was a huge risk Mnangagwa could use his body for rituals, to consolidate and maintain power, sources said. Insiders say Zanu PF leaders are incredibly superstitious.

As a result, Grace and the family have been clinging onto Mugabe’s body since its arrival on Wednesday. They clung to it from the airport to One Commando Barracks and all the way to Blue Roof.

The strategy to keep the body under lock and key was also on display Friday when Mugabe’s youngest son Bellarmine Chatunga refused to let his mother and her sister to travel alone in a military helicopter carrying the body from the Blue Roof mansion to Rufaro Stadium in Harare after security officers tried to stop him. He bulldozed his way and security officers backed down.

— Zimbabwe Independent

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