President Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa dialogue: President’s adviser Shingi Munyeza SPEAKS OUT!


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s adviser and cleric Shingi Munyeza on Wednesday said genuine dialogue is needed so that the country can emerge from the political and economic doldrums.

Speaking at the National Citizens’ Convention Manfesto held in the capital, Munyeza said the region and international community had given up on Zimbabwe, implying the country was going the wrong way.

“There are two things here; the political side of us and the economic side of us which impact on our social behaviour. These are the two things that need to be dealt with in this train that is on the runaway.

“The region and the world have given up on us. So, basically this train is cruising in the wrong direction, with wagons and locomotives,” he added.

He also said politics in Zimbabwe was being wrongly practised, both by the opposition and ruling party.

Munyeza expressed the need for a genuine dialogue in order to pull the country out off the present economic mess.

“The way we are doing politics is wrong across the board; right now the Finance minister is talking about a budget surplus based on salaries of civil servants, not on services to a common man and woman. We are actually in a trade deficit.

“When we are united on a common vision and values and united in our diversity, dialogue that must happen must be inclusive, unconditional, and must be led by a credible convener and underwriter who sits and says we are all going to die. I’m underwriting this before this train gets to the next station,” Munyeza added.

Speaking at the same podium yesterday, businessman Nigel Chanakira said the risk premium for Zimbabwe was far too high and had to be reduced through a dialogue by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC leader Nelson Chamisa.

Zimbabwe is facing challenges ranging from electricity, water shortages and cash shortages. These have been worsened by sanctions imposed by developed nations, particularly the United States.

– Zim Morning Post

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