Well-known man of God visits congregant at her workplace, rape_s and infects her with STI


KINGDOM Revival International Ministries’ founder, Apostle Seti Magan’a, was on Sunday arrested while conducting a church service for allegedly rap_ing and infecting a se_xually transmitted disease to one of his congregants.

Apostle Magan’a is further accused of luring his victim aged 28 by making false prayers in a room at a lodge where the victim works before rap_ing her.


The victim claims that she developed a rash on her private parts a month later after several se_x sessions at her room and is now receiving medication.

Apostle Magan’a was arrested while conducting a church service in Mufakose. He was taken to Marimba police station from where he was later transferred to Highlands Police Station which is close to where the incident took place.

The case, filed at Southerton Police Station, is now under investigation under reference number RRB 4161074.

Narrating her ordeal, the victim said Apostle Magan’a promised to marry her in a way to conceal the case.

“I was introduced to Apostle Magan’a after joining his ministry,” she said.

“Within a week, he started making false prophecies that the Holy Spirit was showing him the need for me to receive special prayers.

“He kept on sending messages to find out where I was and on the day in question I was at work and he insisted to visit me there for prayers.

“Upon his arrival I took him to my room after introducing him to my workmates and asked to be excused and went to my room since I used to stay at the lodge.

“He laid his hands on me and started caressing me that I nearly shouted for help but he forced me on the ground and rap_ed me.

“He asked me to keep it secret promising to marry me and I disclosed this to one of my workmates since it had emotionally affected me,” narrated the victim.

The victim told H-Metro that Apostle Magan’a would lie that he was going to a mountain for prayers when he was cohabiting at her place.

“Taizoenda kuchurch vanhu vofara vachimhanyira kunamatirwa pekutanga vachiti Apostle vangavarikugomo vachinamata,” continued the victim.

“Had I not developed this unusual thing on my private parts I had decided to keep the issue secret but zvandikuvadza apa Apostle havachadi kundirapisa,” said the victim.

Apostle Magan’a was taken to Harare Magistrates Court where the case was referred back to police before being heard by the magistrate.

Contacted for comment, Apostle Magan’a promised to visit H-Metro offices for finer details.

However, his lawyer Claude Bare of Murambasvina Legal Practitioners leapt to the man of the cloth’s defence saying the victim was countering a protection order granted to Apostle Magan’a some weeks ago.

“My client Apostle Maganá heard that someone was lodging a police report against him and rushed to make his statement,” said Bare.

“The case ended at the Harare Magistrates’ Court Set Down office where it was referred back to police since the allegations were unreasonable.

“The woman was countering a protection order granted to Apostle against her few weeks ago.

“She wanted to elope to him and was tormenting him but she is not preg_nant,” said Bare.

— HMetro

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