Lovemore Madhuku blasts President Mnangagwa’s ‘clueless’ govt and Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance


CONSTITUTIONAL law expert Professor Lovemore Madhuku has said Zimbabweans are stuck between a ruling Zanu-PF which has no clue how to change the fortunes of the economy, and an opposition MDC whose leaders are “arrogant and think they have a monopoly on opposition.”

“I don’t see Zimbabweans in 2023, still thinking that they are choosing between Zanu PF and MDC. By 2023, everyone would have seen that there is no leadership coming out of the MDC Alliance,” says Madhuku, who is leader of the National Constitutional Assembly as well as POLAD participant.

POLAD is a national dialogue platform initiated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Madhuku told a national daily that Zanu-PF has people who have no clue how to turn around the fortunes of the economy. He also said the much-hyped “new Dispensation” has nothing new to offer at all.

“You find people in government who have no clue as how to change the economic situation, how to turn around the economy, that is what we have at the moment. So there is no new dispensation at all.

“We must invest heavily in conscientising the majority of our people. I believe the only way forward for this country is to make people alert because despite what these people in government are doing they still enjoy support.

“Go to a by-election, you find that the majority of those who turn out to vote, vote for them notwithstanding the economic hardships, notwithstanding political repression. When next time around we have an election people must vote out this government that’s the way to go,” Madhuku said.

The MDC led by Nelson Chamisa maintains that the problem facing Zimbabwe is political. The opposition party says it will not participate in the dialogue process initiated by the ‘illegitimate’ President, who Chamisa does not recognize.

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