Man insults mother using vul_gar words, comes home late at night drunk and poos in sitting room


A Nkulumane woman left a court shell shocked after revealing that she was tormented by her son who was in the habit of defecating in the sitting room, forcing her to clean up his mess afterwards.

Lovelleta Nkiwane is fed up of her 25-year-old son, Brighton Nkiwane, who comes home late at night drunk often then dirties the living room.

“I wish to apply for a protection order against Brighton Nkiwane who is my son. The respondent usually comes home drunk anytime. He also defecates in the sitting room and I am the one to remove his faeces,” said Lovelletta.

She added that Brighton was also very violent and as a result she did not want to stay with him anymore.

“He damages my property including sofas and window panes. He also insults me using vul_gar words even when he is sober. He also chases me out of the house. He also assaulted me using a kitchen chair, and I sustained injuries. He also once assaulted his sister and also stole her cellphone.

“He stole my property and sold it. May the court assist me so that the respondent may move out of my house as soon as possible and stay somewhere else. I no longer want to see him anywhere near me. I wish to live peacefully,” she said.

Western Commonage magistrate Urgent Vundla granted an interim order pending a final decision.

— BMetro

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