LATEST: ZNA Commander Lieutenant-General Edzai Chimonyo speaks about late army General


THE late national hero, Major-General Trust Mugoba, was a unifier who valued family and had enduring love for his country, Commander of the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) Lieutenant-General Edzai Chimonyo has said.

Speaking at a memorial service held in Harare yesterday, Lt-Gen Chimonyo said the late hero worked tirelessly to protect Zimbabwe.

Late Major-General Trust Mugoba

“Mugoba was a man with a very strong character; he appeared stubborn even,” he said.

“He was a liberator, a freedom fighter. When he came back from liberating the country, we all heard of how he worked to help protect Zimbabwe.

“Today he has brought us all here because of the man he was.”

Maj-Gen Mugoba’s widow Peddie said her late husband was a hard worker who valued his family.

“I enjoyed our marriage. We had wonderful years and some painful times as well, but we had more of happy times.

“I am grateful of the time I had with my husband. He was a hard worker and he made sure that we educated all our children.

“When we got married, he was still a Lieutenant-Colonel in the army and we only had 20 cattle, but through hard work and dedication, he rose through the ranks and our cattle also multiplied.

“I was looking forward to the day he would retire so that we could spend our time at the farm and watch our children grow,” she said.

Maj-Gen Mugoba’s close friend, Brigadier-Gen Charles Hwekwete (Retired), described the late as an educator.

“He taught people, including me, different things. He was the first one to go to university among our group when we returned from war because he knew the importance of education,” said Brig-Gen Hwekwete.

“He always spoke of the importance of family and taking care of those close to you.

“He did a lot to help a lot of people. He always went out of his way to make sure that everyone was happy.

“He was a loving friend who befriended many people,” he said.

Maj-Gen Mugoba died in Harare on September 6 this year, the same day former President Robert Mugabe died.

At the time of his death, he was serving as Chief of Staff in the office of the AU Commissioner for Peace and Security in Africa, in Ethiopia.

He left his post of ZNA Chief of Staff in March 2017 after he was seconded to the African Union’s Standby Force.

— SundayNews

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