Disgraced former Vice-President Joice Mujuru may huff and puff and blindly brag that she was not part of a plan to assassinate President Mugabe in the same manner the late Democratic Republic of Congo leader, Laurent Kabila, was assassinated in 2001; or that she was not visiting witchdoctors in order to overthrow President Mugabe simply because she has not been charged with that heinous treason.
However does she honestly believe that the electorate is so convinced that she has no case to answer and does she honestly believe the electorate will myopically vote her into power because she is yet to appear in a court of law over those charges?
Does she think President Mugabe is mad to reiterate the same accusations over and over again and that he has no evidence to support his case?
That said, even if Mujuru launches her doomed party that has failed to morph into anything tangible on the back of hollow, pretentious and imaginary BUILD deliverables, this great nation would rather let the sell-outs wither away into nothingness than charge them with treason.
To borrow the essential elements from the sermon’s of fellow columnist Bishop Lazarus; would this great nation of ours have achieved any credibility by imprisoning Joice Mujuru and her teddy-bears?
Would God himself have been a credible Creator if he had charged Satan with treason, when Satan misled Adam and Even?
What good would it have been if God had sent Satan to prison? Would not Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel doubted the benevolence of God’s leadership?
What better way to prove that God is the One True God who does not lie or mislead than to let those that follow Satan do so to their own peril and experience for themselves the dire consequences and repercussions of listening to the Deceiver?
Likewise, Mujuru must not think that because she was not charged with treason she is not a fallen angel.
All fair-minded people participating in the court of public opinion will soon discover that she also has a big case to answer from a moral perspective.
The humiliation and mortification she has set herself on course to attain by intending to form a political party which has no people but which is ironically called People First is the greatest and most treasonous charge she has laid on herself.
She will find the electoral prison more punitive than the high walls of Chikurubi penitentiary.
President Mugabe knows there are some axed Zanu-PF members who are itching to become political martyrs by being sent to prison so that they draw the sympathy of some unsuspecting elements within the electorate who will gullibly dart to endorse their candidature in future.
Inasmuch as God sat back and allowed free will to reign after Satan did his thing, so will President Mugabe treat Joice Mujuru as she continues to criminally mislead the foolish amongst us who have no clue that the Gamatox apple is poisonous.
One of Jesus’ illustration about the Kingdom describes a farmer who sows wheat and an enemy who sows weeds in the same field.
The weeds attempt to overgrow the wheat, but the farmer tells his slaves to “let both grow until the harvest”.
At the time of the harvest, the weeds are destroyed and the wheat is gathered.
The Gamatox cabal is a stubborn weed that is growing amongst the wheat. Those weeds that tried to overgrow the wheat such as Joice Mujuru, Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa and Kudakwashe Bhasikiti will be uprooted and cast into the fiery furnace where there is untold weeping and much gnashing of teeth.
While the seeds of the Gamatox weeds are allowed to grow they will certainly not escape their apocalypse in 2018.
Whist they grow amongst us and listen to the howling of a blistered Joice Mujuru who defiantly encourages them that she is “free to do whatever I choose to do with my life outside Zanu-PF” — which is to suffer from frost bite in a fiery furnace by the way — come 2018, we shall separate the grain from the chaff.
Joice Mujuru thinks she is a Rambo who fought the liberation war single-handedly or that she drafted the “wishes” of the Constitution of this country with her own hand, alone.
She thinks she alone has the energy to “quietly” address the problems “bedevilling our nation”.
Every time she reacts to President Mugabe, one cannot help but remain with a very bitter taste in the mouth as she removes all doubt that she is not the right leader for this country since she clearly struggles with emotional equilibrium when the truth rubs her up the wrong side.
There is certainly no reason for her to be in a correctional facility like Chikurubi because she is definitely in a prison of her own after being judge, jury and prosecutor of her own demise.
And each time she opens her mouth she lengthens her prison term.
Zanu-PF is unperturbed by the rantings of wilting weeds that bear no fruit.

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