Latest On Zaoga Senior Pastor Who Was Caught Red-handed Having Sex With Married Woman

The story of a ZAOGA District Pastor who was allegedly caught red-handed sleeping with a congregant‘s wife took a new twist when the woman at the centre of the storm approached our source with a signed affidavit through Mambosasa Legal Practitioners.
Kerenias Munyanyi who was an elder in Zaoga church in Nyanga, had said he caught his wife Patience Vhazhure in bed with Pastor Cleopas Chibwanda, who had been their marriage counsellor since their wedding in December last year.
However through Mambosasa Legal practitioners, Pastor Chimbwanda denied all claims and says he does not know Patience in any other way other than his secretary and church congregant.
“I never had any problems with Kerenias. I never knew he had anything against me until he collected his fridge four days before the publication of the story. He just said “Fridge yangu yandakapa kuna Mwari ndakuuya kuzoitora.
“Thats when I knew he did not see me as someone in his good books,” said Pastor Chimwanda.
He denied reports that he would call Patience as late as 11(unless there was a funeral to announce) but confirmed that as the secretary, Patience attended some meetings that would start at 6:30pm and end as late as 11pm.
''Yes our meetings finished very late but there was always a minimum of seven other people present in those meetings.”
But it was Patience’s affidavit through the same legal practitioners that told a different story.
Our source failed to contact Patience for her side of the story and her affidavit alleges a tale of abuse from her estranged husband.
She claims her husband is trying to destroy her image, that of Pastor Chimbwanda and of Zaoga church as a whole by making false adultery claims when they separated because he was sexually and physically abusive.
The affidavit alleges that Kerenias was HIV positive and this came to light after the couple went for a HIV test after Kerenias had a prolonged case of diarrhoea.
Patience came out negative and this created a lot of tension within the marriage. The doctor ordered them to have protected sex everytime. Despite the advice Kerenias attempted to rape his wife 3 times between June 2015 and July 2015 as Patience was refusing unprotected sex.
The affidavit also highlights that Kerenias decided to move out from his matrimonial home to Harare as his wife was failing to give him his conjugal rights. She also alleges that a month later he came to Nyanga and assaulted her on allegations of having an affair with a church deacon.
Patience then reported the matter to Nyanga police and resulted in Kerenias fleeing back to Harare.
Patience goes on to refute the claims of being caught cheating and says she views Pastor Chimbwanda as her superior and Spiritual father. The story published was one-sided and was not the full story. She further went on to claim that Kerenias’s HIV status has made him paranoid and bitter.
He deliberately concealed his status in a bid to also infect his wife. Instead of apologising he manufactured false stories to tarnish images of Chimbwanda, herself and the church.
On the issue of abandoning her children, Patience denied ever doing such and said she had made arrangements for them to remain with the maid for the rest of the term before moving them to a new school to live with her. Kerenias was fabricating stories out of paranoia and were meant to fix his wife.

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