Madam Boss speaks about Benz Kompressor car Prophet Java bought her, lambasts jealous pedestrians


Popular comedian Tyra “Madam Boss” Chikocho has confirmed claims that the controversial Prophet Passion Java bought her a car after she had visited his church service.

On a telephone interview with this publication today, Chikocho lambasted everyone who was speaking ill about her pertaining the car as she narrated her first encounter with the prophet which led to the car being bought for her.

Madam Boss with new Benz Kompressor vehicle she got from Twabam Prophet Passion Java

“I was invited at his church event by a friend and l seated in the front row when l saw the Prophet entered dishing out cars l think to people who had remained loyal to his church whilst he was out of the country.

“When he approached me he said l am surprised that Madam Boss has come to church please what can l do for you. I jokingly made a gesture of a car and he said to me you will get a car within a week and I surely got one,” she said.

The car issue recently came to light after socialite Laura Tatenda Tsonzi shared a post dissing Prophet Passion saying he does not know how to keep a secret.

“…varikuti mota ndeya 2018 yes its true ndeya 2018 yaimbova secret but manje Java haagoni pakati secret pacho….one way or the other anobuditsa chete,” read part of the post.

Chikocho, however, scolded everyone who is speculating that she had se_xual affair with the man of God in order to get the car saying that they are misinformed and she didn’t care.

“I don’t have anything against Prophet Passion and just because he is not liked by many doesn’t make me deny gifts coming from him,” she added.

The musician-cum-comedian said that she is not offended by the fact that people are walking around saying she pr0stituted for the car whilst she counts herself lucky to have gotten the gift from Java.

“Zvekunzi madam boss ihure hazvisi zvinew one, who doesn’t know that l had been constantly been called a hure…mapedestrian mazhinji ndoari kutaura kuti Madam Boss vakahurira mota,” she said.

Known in various circles as a comedian, musician, corporate brand ambassador and fashionist, Tyra Chikocho is a housewife married to Ngoni Munetsiwa and the two have a daughter.

Madam Boss had tried to make it appear as if Mhofela bought the car for her birthday when it was actually prophet passion who paid for the car.

– ZimboLiveNews

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