SHOCKING: Juju man axes uncle to death, urinates on his dead body


A Domboshava man who appeared in court for axing his uncle to death has been described as a juju man who urina_tes on his subjects after committing a crime.

There are also revelations that Killian Shoniwa Tagarira, 47, is known for having his shirt washed by a relative whenever he is arrested and when the shirt dries up, his juju would have worked to have him released.

Villagers are even convinced Tagarira would find his way back and commit more crimes.

Killian, members of the community said, lived with a brother who is on the run and they kept around 20 dogs.

“These brothers are known for committing crime but they always find their way back and the community fears them because they use juju,” said a villager who preferred anonymity saying he feared for his life.

Family members claimed the brothers get juju from a local sangoma for ritual purposes and get away with crimes easily.

A relative Kudakwashe Shonhiwa who escaped when his father was struck to death said Killian had urina_ted on his father after hitting him with an axe.

“Killian urina_ted on his uncle after he had hit him with an axe; it is common with juju users after beating people.

“He has got his sangoma who gives him juju to wash his shirt and whenever the shirt dries, all his cases disappear from the police and are just brushed away.

“We suspect that Killian uses juju because every time he commits a crime it is taken lightly and he walks scot-free,” he said.

Kudakwashe said it was very unusual for an individual to always urina_te on someone after beating them.

“The brothers stay with more than 20 dogs at their home and force old women to have unprotected sex with them which is unusual.

“Even the man who feeds his dogs does not get paid but does it because he is also in fear of being murdered if he fails to do so.

“Killian is said to be suspecting his family members of bewitching him; that is why he uses juju, murdering people and getting away with it.”

People are now afraid of him in our society, added Kudakwashe.

“Hatichakwanisa kugara takasununguka nevakadzi nevana vedu nguva dzose,” said Kudakwashe.

“He went to jail some other time but he came back earlier than people expected because everyone is afraid of him and nothing is done to him; even the police are also afraid of his juju.”

Another victim only identified as Mazvita said Killian once tried to rap_e and kill her but she managed to escape death because Killian’s brother came late with the axe which was supposed to be used for the ritual murder.

– HMetro

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