Latest on man who rubbed his big peni_s on woman’s butt0cks & sprayed sper_ms on her clothes in bus


The man from Chitungwiza, who appeared in court recently after he could not control his se_xual desires and rubbed his huge peni_s and eja_culated on a female passenger aboard a bus, has been sent to prison for 14 months.

Tafadzwa Mutamiri, aged 27, had told Harare magistrate Sharon Rakafa that whenever he gets close to a woman, he fails to control himself, and blamed this on a “strange se_xual surge” passed onto him by his late grandfather.

Rakafa initially sent Mutamiri for community service vetting, but it turned out that he had no fixed abode, unemployed, and relied on a friend for survival.

She then sentenced him to twenty months in prison before suspending six months on condition of good behaviour.

“I apologize to the complainant, but when the urge comes, I cannot resist. The only way the urge can end is if I have se_x or mastur_bate. It does not matter where I am, and this has often caused me huge embarrasment,” Mutamiri said, pleading for the court’s leniency.

The State’s case is that on a recent day which was not specified, Mutamiri eja_culated on a woman who was a fellow passenger with him on a public commuter bus. The woman alerted other passengers and the matter was reported to the police, leading to Mutamiri’s arrest.

The court convicted Mutamiri of indecent assault on his own plea of guilty. He was ordered to perform community service pending sentence.

Cases of women se_xually abused aboard public buses have been on the rise following the introduction of ZUPCO buses, with commuters preferring them due to their subsidized fares. Some women, however, feel embarrassed to report cases of sexual harassment.

— Zim Voice

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