Jealous gogo goes beserk after her husband married sugar granny behind her back


A JEALOUSY granny went berserk and created an ugly scene at the Mutare Civil Courts on Monday, accusing her elderly husband of taking a second wife who is older than her behind her back.

The drama erupted after Thandiwe Ruya from Dangamvura had dragged her lawfully wedded husband, Charles Ruya to the courts seeking for upwards variation of her maintenance from $150 to $500.

They appeared before Magistrate Prisca Tendai Manhibi.

Thandiwe told the court that, she had applied for spousal maintenance because despite their advanced age, Charles had gone behind her back and married another woman who is older than both of them.

She said because of that, he was neglecting his financial duties as the man of the house and looking after his second wife.

“He no longer loves me Your Worship. He now loves that old woman he recently married,” complained Thandiwe.

She further accused Charles of being heartless.

“Your Worship, he does not understand that this spousal maintenance is for my own disposal. Since the maintenance was granted, he no longer buys anything in the house, not even a packet of salt.

“He orders me to buy the house groceries with the money that is supposed to maintain me, boasting that the money is his and that he should enjoy it. This man is heartless,” she told the court.

Charles however, boasted of taking a second wife, claiming that it was his family tradition to be polygamous.

“My father had many wives as had my grandfather and their fathers before them. Your Worship, I am a son to my father’s second wife and I cannot let that tradition die with my father. Yes, I am legally married to Thandiwe but I have recently taken a new wife and her age does not matter,” he explained himself.

He also told the court that it was his right to spend the spousal maintenance together with Thandiwe because he earned it.

Ms Manhibi ordered the pair to stay in peace and lead by example.

“You should lead by example, you are in your advanced ages and are expected to be enjoying lives at the most as you no longer have any school fees to pay or mouths to feed other than yours. Go and live peacefully and talk to each other in your home. We all look up to you and expect the best out of you,” advised Ms Manhibi.

She varied the spousal maintenance upwards to $330.

— Manica Post

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