Shock as man with big PEN!S walks around house wearing nothing but underwear, torments sister-in-law


A Matabeleland South man, in Umzingwane District, has been exposed in court for his weird habit of walking around the house wearing nothing but underwear in front of his sister-in-law and her family.

According to Sithembinkosi Moyo, her brother-in-law, Khefasi Gumpo, has been involved in a feud with her over Gumpo’s refusal to dress up when he walks around the house.

Sithembinkosi, who is totally uncomfortable with her brother-in law’s provocative dressing which exposes his big manhood, said he went too far when he sternly ordered her daughter to wash his “soiled” underpants.

She made the shocking claims after her brother-in-law took her to court seeking a protection order against her, claiming she was constantly verbally abusing him.

“I have a home in Esiphezini where I live with my mother, younger brother and his wife with two children. I was an army officer before I retired in 1998 and went to South Africa.

“When I came back in 2018 and proceeded to my rural home in Esiphezini I got a hostile reception from my mother and other family members.

“This was all because of my sister-in law Sithembinkosi Moyo is ill-advising my mother to chase me away from my home. She is the one causing all the problems bedevilling our family.

“The other day she came to my room and overturned my bed and took away my blankets,” Gumpo bitterly complained.

He said when he recently visited his home he couldn’t get inside the yard as there was umuthi hanging on the gate.

“I backed off,” he said.

“She is always shouting at me saying I’m insane because of the ritual I conducted on my late father’s grave.

This was after a traditional healer advised me take some soil from his grave to our rural home. Sithembinkosi then demonised me saying no normal person can do that”.

Gumpo’s submissions didn’t go down well with his sister-in-law who hit back and accused him of “attacking her sense of sight” by not appropriately covering himself up at home.

“He is my brother-in-law and he is disrespecting me. He is always putting on boxer shorts in my presence.

He also gives my daughter his underwear to wash. He is also verbally abusing his mother, calling her a witch.

“If I hate him as he has alleged, I would not have given him a room to sleep in. I decided to accommodate him because he is having problems with his wife,” responded Sithembinkosi.

Gumpo pulled a shocker when he hit back saying he was free to dress in anything which he feels comfortable in.

His response, however, seemed to have incensed the presiding magistrate Racheal Mukanga, who dismissed his application saying it lacks merit.

— BMetro

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