Zanu PF provincial leadership sleeps on duty in President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s province


MERCURIAL Zanu PF national political commissar Victor Matemadanda has threatened to dissolve the party’s Midlands provincial leadership led by chairperson Daniel Mackenzie Ncube on allegations of sleeping on duty.

Speaking at a provincial coordinating committee meeting in Gweru on Saturday, Matemadanda accused the Midlands top brass of sitting on its laurels and failing to grow the Zanu PF support base since the 2018 harmonised elections.

Despite Zanu PF having grabbed 23 out of 28 parliamentary seats in the Midlands, Matemadanda said the overall performance of the party including the votes that President Emmerson Mnangagwa got was “almost dismal”.

“I came here not happy and proud because of the performance we had in the last harmonised elections. What disappoints me more is that I have not heard of a programme that you have had as a province to research on why we performed almost dismally,” he said.

“I have not heard of any leader in the province who has said let us find out what hit us. In this province, that is where the President (Mnangagwa) comes from. Then we have MDC coming here to have their congress, where (Nelson) Chamisa stole power. That is being belittled.”

Matemadanda warned that the provincial leadership could be dissolved because of failure to act on poor performance.

“It is unfortunate that I had to start speaking on a sad note, but if I tell you that I am happy I will be lying. I wanted to come here and hear you saying we lost in the elections but this is what made us lose and we are now correcting the poor performance this way. Otherwise you chairman (Mackenzie) and your province you will be dissolved by the new dispensation,” he said.

While some Zanu PF hardliners, including Mnangagwa himself, have been calling for the flushing out of G40 remnants, Matemadanda said they should be embraced.

“What I hear here (in Midlands) are problems. Scheme after scheme… scheme after scheme… plotting against each other. The job that we were given by President Mnangagwa is to make sure that as many people as possible join the party… some (party leaders), however, will say this person we know him, he is G40 (so he can’t join the party.)”

“In what we call war veterans today, there are former Rhodesian soldiers who were captured and indoctrinated with the party’s ideology. They then came back to lead the (liberation) war. So the aim of the party is not to create as many enemies as possible but to recruit more people… you cannot be a province known for turning away people from the party,” Matemadanda said.

Contacted for comment, MDC secretary for elections Jacob Mafume said: “Matemadanda is the thief of power. He cannot talk about president Nelson Chamisa. They stole power from (the late former) President Robert Mugabe in a coup to the extent he was even afraid of them until his death. He had to be buried in a fortified grave because he was afraid they could even “coup” his remains. The MDC Gweru congress was in order and president Chamisa did not steal power. He was elected by the MDC people.”

— NewsDay

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