Man sees visions of nak_ed women after visiting sangoma, wife wakes up with sper_ms on her privates


A terrified couple in Gokwe is sleeping with one eye open after the muthi they allegedly bought from an n’anga started exhibiting side effects that include the woman waking up with sem_en in her private parts and nightmares of ghosts of nak_ed women in their sleep.

Silvester Moyo’s marriage is now on the verge of collapse as his wife Rudo Mudawu threatens to pack her bags if the haunting is not solved.

Mudawu and her husband run a flourishing shop at Gokwe Business Centre and they are from Ndangara Village.

According to a family insider the couple approached an n’anga after the sales of their business had taken a shocking nosedive.

The source said: “The n’anga gave them a concoction and instructed them to bath with it for a week and rub it on their private parts. He assured them that sales would dramatically improve,” said the privy source.

The source went on to say the desperate couple did as they were ordered to do.

“They bathed with water mixed with concoction and rubbed their private parts with it,” said the tell-it-all source.

But they never knew that the muthi was going to plunge their marriage into a chapter of hell.

Contacted for comment Moyo confirmed the frightening muthi provoked encounters.

“A week after we bathed and rubbed our geni_tals with that concoction our bedroom life became a nightmare. I would see visions of two nak_ed women moving about in the house, within a few minutes my wife would scream in panic claiming she saw similar nak_ed figures. After a while we would fall into a deep sleep, my wife would wake up feeling tired as if she had been involved in a se_xual marathon. There would be sem_en on her private parts. Surprisingly we would not have engaged in any se_xual interc0urse,” said Moyo.

He said they approached their n’anga for an escape from horrible nights.

“We approached the n’anga who gave us the muthi, he assured us that it would end but now it has been a month and two weeks and nothing has changed. My wife is threatening to quit our marriage,” said Moyo.

Contacted for a comment Chief Chireya confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that my traditional court is dealing with a strange matter that involves Rudo Mudawu and her husband. The couple got muthi from a n’anga, now they are seeing visions of nak_ed women during their sleep. His wife told my traditional court that she wakes up feeling extremely tired and with semen on her private parts. She has vowed to quit marriage if the haunting is not solved.”

He said they would engage all parties involved to find a solution.

“We have planned to engage the couple and their n’anga to see how he can possibly reverse it,” said Chief Chireya.

— BMetro

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