LATEST: Karma visits Second Lady Marry Chiwenga’s love life…As Shingi Kawondera bares soul


IT is without a shred of doubt that latest developments in Second Lady Marry Chiwenga’s love life can safely make her a perfect host for Karma.

Her not so secret love life which has been in the public glare since her days as a model has made a nasty turn in which she stands to be the biggest loser in the whole drama.

Shingai Kawondera

She had her first child with Terry Mandizha, a businessman with interest in the medical field.

Terry then stayed in Southerton while Marry stayed in Chitungwiza and she was lured by the ‘cheeseboy’, because Southerton was at that time a ‘cool neighbourhood’ where people of colour stayed.

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga reportedly instituted divorce proceedings in a nasty fashion reminiscent of the way she dumped ex-husband, former Warriors striker Shingi Kawondera.

This Marry-VP divorce saga is like a dejavu which drives one back to 2011, when she pulled a middle finger on Kawondera.

Gentle reader, when I say Karma has visited Marry’s love life I do not mean Khama Billiat that Warriors hot shot, he is happily ‘Marryied’ (pun intended) and would never try to bulldoze his way into a full presidium’s bedroom.

Of course, the Second Lady has a penchant for nimble feet and guns hence in her thirty something her old life, she has married a top soldier and a top footballer.

It appears she has a thing for men with top marksmanship- those who don’t miss their targets!

Kawondera never missed the back of the net and the VP’s antics with the gun are an open secret, he would shoot to kill the enemy, in the quest for the freedom that we enjoy now, we ‘born frees’.

Marry has had three husbands and 5 children!

This week, Marry was dragged before the courts where she is facing a cocktail of charges, including illegally solemnizing a secret marriage presided over by Acting Chief Magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi as correctly reported by this publication in July. I digress.

According to Hinduism, Karma is the force produced by a person’s actions in one life which influences what happens to that person in future lives.

Marry was a movement by herself but became a force when she married Kawondera whom she later dumped in a nasty manner.

The same way which she is being dumped by the VP.

That is where Karma comes in, if Karma was a person Marry would be an embodiment of such.

The VP wants Marry out of the Borrowdale Brooke house which has sentimental value to him.

Interestingly, it will require experts in the construction industry to remove the insignia on the front of the house written C and M- in apparent refence to Constantino and Marry.

This reporter had an exclusive interview with Shingi Kawondera on Friday and he bared his soul.

According to Shingi, when he met Marry it was love at first sight and he assumed they would live happily ever after like Romeo and Juliet or Solo na Mutsai, if we bring it closer to home.

Alas, such was not the case, he got a rude awakening and lost the marriage and fruits of his loins- a 10-year-old daughter Destiny.

“Wangu, when I met her (Marry) she was a struggling model.

“Of course she came from a well up family but I was on fire, ndaipisa wangu and I invested in business that I thought were ours.

“I poured in money for her to start a business, we had a vision of Lachelle Company where we wanted to do boutiques and travel services and she took over because I was in Cyprus,’ relived Kawondera.

“She is a good woman but her rich background pushes her to maintain the status and she can do anything,’’ he added.

In the heart-rending interview on Friday, Kawondera revealed that his daughter Destiny that he sired with Marry was ‘abducted’ when he was in Cyprus and he last saw her when she was two years old.

Marry went on to falsify the daughter’s identity by changing the surname on the birth certificate to Mubaiwa after conniving with officials at the Registra General’s office.

“Wangu (my brother), my daughter I last saw her when she was two years old and Marry went on to amend my daughter’s birth certificate, she liaised with Registrar General Office and my daughter’s last name was changed from Kawondera to Mubaiwa, her maiden surname and that is not fair, but well Mwari ndewemuhu wese haamwire kuDreams, I wish her well though,’ said Kawondera.

Kawondera claims that he pumped in US$80 000 to jump start Marry’s business, but throughout the interview, he absolved VP Chiwenga, adding that the VP’s hands are clean.

Zim Morning Post had a series of interviews with insiders in Chiwenga family and established that Marry was never a darling of the family from the onset, and the family fed poisonous information to Chiwenga.

“Chiwenga’s sisters did not like Marry from the start and the situation was worse when Marry blocked them from accompanying Chiwenga to India for treatment.

“President Mnangagwa was even told about the fall out and he counselled her.

“Imagine his sisters had to sleep at a hotel when they came for inauguration, “explained our source.

“At a family meeting last week, Marry made things worse for herself after she hit back at the General defending herself,” added our source.

Meanwhile, Marry was remanded in custody to December 30 after she appeared in court on Monday.

— ZimMorningPost

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