Zim man spends 3 years having sex with his blood sister in South Africa


A THREE year sexual relationship between a Zimbabwean man and his blood sister on the advice of a n'anga turned tragic recently when the man shot and injured the sister after she put a stop to the incest. The man is however based in South Africa.

The n'anga had reportedly advised the brother, an armed robber, that he would become rich if he had sexual relationship with his sister.

Nokuthula Dube, 35, is battling for her life in a Johannesburg hospital after her much older brother Andrea Dube, 49, turned a gun on her a fortnight ago for ending the illicit relationship.

The siblings started their relationship more than three years ago after Andrea was advised by a n'anga this was a fast way of becoming rich.

When the sex relationship started, the two moved in together in Tembisa before relocating to Alexandra where they rented houses close to each other.

Nokuthula in April finally decided to end the fling when she escaped to live with a female friend in Johannesburg's notorious Diepsloot suburb.

The friend, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confided in news reporters that Nokuthula had had enough of the relationship and sought refuge in her home.

"She had agreed to sleep with her brother so that he can become rich but later realised it was wrong and ran away. The brother is a dangerous armed robber who has refused to end the relationship. He called me asking where his sister was and I told him I did not know. I took Nokuthula to some traditional healers who told us Andrea has a talisman which tells him where Nokuthula would be," she said.

Tragedy struck when the brother discovered the sister's hideout and staged a movie style raid on the place.

"I froze when I saw him; he said he wanted to kill me for hiding Nokuthula from him. He ordered us to lie down and we complied. He then told Nokuthula to walk out of the house into a vehicle parked outside as if nothing was happening. He threatened to kill her if she screamed," narrated the friend.

When Nokuthula saw passers-by outside, she screamed for help, infuriating her armed brother who pulled the trigger on her head and chest. He then sped away leaving her unconscious.

Diepsloot police spokesperson, Warrant Officer Daniel Mavimbela confirmed the incident.

"Note that a case of attempted murder was opened. The police are still searching for the suspect," he said.

Nokuthula's friend now lives in fear of suffering the same fate.

Said the friend: "Since that day I am struggling to sleep at night. The events of that day come to my mind every night. I am afraid Andrea will come back and kill me. I want to move out of that house."

We however failed to establish Nokuthula's condition as her mobile was not reachable.

It further emerged that the siblings' sex relationship was a known family secret but cowed family members were too frightened to stop it because of Andrea's violent nature.

Even worse is that the parents of the siblings approved of the illicit relationship after they had been convinced it had potential to enrich their son and the entire family.

Nokuthula, it is said, was warned not to sleep with any other man except Andrea as this would botch the money making plan.

The siblings hail from Masendu village in Plumtree.

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