Brawl as pr0stitute gets caught burning juju in toilet before starting ‘night shift’ by colleagues


A thigh vendor based at Zhombe Business Centre is at loggerheads with her colleagues who are accusing her of using juju to lure clients at a time when the thigh vending business is getting tough due to economic woes bedevilling the country.

The se_x worker (name supplied) was allegedly spotted by her colleagues burning an unidentified substance in the ladies’ toilet before starting her “night shift”.

After being confronted by her mates, the hooker denied the allegations saying it was a healing herb since she was not feeling well.

A self confessed se_x worker, Farisai Sibanda, said her colleague has been using juju to lure clients since long back.

“She has been using baboon’s urine (umchemo wendwangu) though she lies saying it’s a healing substance. If she is not feeling well then why doesn’t she stay at home? She usually targets rich clients especially gold panners so that they always come back for more. She cannot expect married men to keep running after her when they have got wives,” said Sibanda.

Another se_x worker, Winett Mafa, said the rumours of juju have created war between them and housewives.

“A lot of people in the community are aware that she is using juju, even the wives of her clients are aware of that. That has resulted in a war as they think that all of us are using juju,” said Mafa.

At one point, the said se_x worker allegedly tried spiking a drink belonging to one of her competitors after she had snatched one of her clients.

“She is also evil because she once spiked a drink that belonged to another se_x worker. Fortunately she was spotted spiking the drink and the would-be victim was warned,” added Mafa.

Chief Malisa could not shed more light about the matter saying he only had sketchy details regarding the matter.

“At the moment l only have very little information concerning the matter. The matter was never reported to me, l only heard rumours about it,” said Chief Malisa.

— BMetro

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