One year without se_x: Wife of popular malayitsha who was murdered in South Africa speaks out


THE widow of Bheki Ndlovu, a popular malayitsha-cum-businessman who was recently brutally murdered in South Africa, has hit back accusing him of serial infidelity and physical abuse.

Mrs Nomazwe Ndlovu, through a South African firm Ditheko Lebethe Attorneys also rejected accusations that she organised her husband’s murder last Saturday. She, too, wrote to veteran broadcaster, Ezra Sibanda demanding he retracts “defamatory” statements he made on his Facebook account, insinuating that she had a hand in Bheki’s gruesome murder.

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She has been attacked on various social media platforms with some netizens alleging she engineered her husband’s death to cover up for an affair she was having with UK-based Mr Christopher Tshabalala, known in Zimbabwe as Jabulani Ncube. She admitted having the side fling.

In a statement, Mrs Ndlovu accused her late husband of being a serial womaniser ever since they got married in 1997.

She said she had constantly forgiven him until 2017 when she met Mr Tshabalala.

“In 1997 he was cheating with Sibonokuhle Ncube, when I confronted him, he beat me up for calling his girlfriend. In 1999 he was dating Sokuluhle Ndlovu who stayed in Tshabalala and was a teacher at a primary school in Tsholotsho. When I confronted him, he beat me up and stabbed me with a screw driver.

“In 2014 he dated Sibongile Tshabalala who stayed in Pretoria, a young sister to Chris who ended up divorcing with her husband due to the infidelity. In 2015 he had an affair with Ashilla Dube who stayed in Berea and was also involved with Nomakhaya Sibanda. He also had an affair with our neighbour,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

She claimed she at one point got a protection order against her husband, claiming that all the emotional and physical abuse she endured was witnessed by their children.

Regarding her extra-marital affair with Mr Tshabalala, Mrs Ndlovu said she preferred dating a married man as she did not want to destroy her own marriage. She claimed she had only been with Mr Tshabalala twice since 2017.

“My husband discovered the affair sometime in 2018 and he told me to stop the affair. I never stopped the affair, my late husband instituted divorce proceedings but he later withdrew them as he said I had been forgiving him for multiple affairs since 1997 and had been patient with him.

“Even the time when he instituted divorce we continued staying together and slept together as husband and wife. The time I met Chris, it was during trying times as I had stayed with my husband for a year without se_x,” said Mrs Ndlovu.

She claimed the late Mr Ndlovu had a lot of enemies in South Africa hence would always move around with an armed escort whenever he moved around the streets of Hilbrow. Mrs Ndlovu further revealed that in her numerous conversations with her late husband, he had constantly noted that he was aware that he would be killed anytime.

“I have been reading the lies that Ezra Sibanda has been spreading on social media including the lie that I took a policy for my husband’s death. My late husband personally took the funeral policy and it was just a funeral policy not a life cover. I never took a funeral policy for my husband or any other policy for that matter.

“I went for an interview at Hillbrow police station as my late husband’s family told them I killed my husband and after questioning and checking my phone I was told to go home. I was not arrested for killing my husband and I did not kill my husband,” she said.

She further accused Mr Ndlovu’s family of trying to block her from attending her late husband’s funeral because they were only interested in looting his many properties and businesses.

“When my husband was shot, I was shocked that his family was only obsessed about his property to a point that they even drove his car and took money and bank cards within minutes of his death; all his belongings were taken by his family. The reason why I’m being vilified by the family is due to the property as they believe if I am arrested, they will be beneficiaries.

“When I met my husband, he had absolutely nothing, my mother gave me the house in Pumula South, the house that his family now wants. The family and Ezra are misleading the public and portraying me as a gold digger yet my own mother gave me a house to stay with him after we got married as he could not even afford a stand,” she said.

Mrs Ndlovu said her late husband’s family should simply allow the police to do their job and get to the bottom of the matter.

Meanwhile, Mrs Ndlovu’s lawyers had given Sibanda till yesterday to withdraw his Facebook statements or face legal action.

“We have been advised by our client that you have made numerous allegations on your Facebook page.

“We were further advised that you posted her photos and video clip without her permission. Your conduct has caused a lot of damage to our client and her children. You have violated her right to privacy,” reads part of the communication sent to Sibanda.

They demanded that the veteran broadcaster retracts the “defamatory” statement or provide evidence that Mrs Ndlovu killed her husband.

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