So Sad: Uncle Roland Muchegwa falls on hard times…Beautiful yellowbones disappear


Roland Muchegwa a Zimbabwe businessman based in South Africa popular referred to a just “Uncle Roland” because of his party lifestyle and dating of younger girls, has reportedly hit hard times after his accounts were frozen in South Africa by South African Revenue Services (SARS) allegedly for tax evasion.

Uncle Roland hogged the limelight after videos and pictures of him partying with very beautiful young girls went viral on social media. It is believed his party lifestyle invited SARS to look into his affairs.

Writing on Twitter on account believed to be his, Uncle Roland, bemoaned how friends have suddenly abandoned him now that he is facing difficulties.

“After my bank accounts got frozen things have changed. All the people who were following me are now avoiding me. This is the moment to see who true friends are. People love you and support you when it’s beneficial. A real friend is one who walks in when everyone is walking out.”

Uncle Roland later posted another message explaining that while many believe he has his hard times he is not broke because he had diversified.

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“Thanks to everyone who have offered to help me. I’m not bankrupt, it’s only that some people who were close think ndapera following those frozen accounts. I’m not that dull to put all my eggs in one basket. Chitubu hachina kupwa. We keep rolling, hustle yangu haisi kids game.”

Uncle Roland reportedly fled Zimbabwe for South Africa after heavily assaulting ex-wife Michelle Kawome who was reportedly dating the late lawyer Eddie Jori.

— Agencies

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