Fracas as woman sees ghosts in dreams and her privates swell after using juju to boost her business


A woman from Ndangara Village under Chief Chireya has deserted her marriage after the muthi she smeared, with her husband, on their private parts to boost sales caused her private parts to itch and subsequently get swollen.

According to a family insider for the past four weeks Rudo Mudawu and her husband Sylvester Moyo have been enduring sleepless nights after the muthi they allegedly bought from a n’anga started exhibiting side effects that include the woman waking up with sem_en on her private parts and scary dreams of ghosts in their sleep.

As if that was not enough her private parts would itch and after scratching them they would get swollen.

In an interview Mudawu poured out her heart.

“We engaged a n’anga that gave us muthi and he assured us that the nightmares would soon disappear, but nothing has changed, “she said.

In fact the opposite happened as her woes have escalated as her privates got swollen.

“My private parts would itch and after that they got swollen after I scratched them. When I’m urin_ating I feel an excruciating pain,” said Rudo.

“At first I thought I had contracted Se_xually Transmitted Infection (STI), I then consulted a doctor, but he said it was not an STI. My health has deteriorated,” she said.

She went on to say the n’anga they had enlisted for the services failed to help them.

“We engaged Sekuru (n’anga) to exorcise the spirit that is troubling us, but it seems he has failed. He gave me a concoction to rub on my private parts saying I would be healed, but nothing has changed. This thing is eating me alive. I think it’s better to return to my parents and quit this marriage because a prophet told me that I would die if I remain here,” she said.

Moyo said he will engage Mudawu’s aunt to talk to his wife for a possible reunion.

“I understand her fears, in all this I blame the prophet who told her that she would die if she remains here. I will engage her aunt to talk to her so that our marriage is saved from collapse,” he said.

Chief Chireya said: “We engaged the n’anga to reverse the muthi that he gave them, but he has not managed to reverse it. We are worried too because Mudawu has left for her parents, saying she can’t take it anymore. But we will try to engage the parties involved and I vow that their marriage will be saved from collapse and this muthi issue will be reversed.”

— BMetro

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