Diamonds rain during prophet's church service, claims he can heal HIV


THE miracle craze in the country’s churches has gone a gear up. Zimbabweans have heard claims of miracle money, miracle babies and miracle airtime recharge, but now a Chiredzi-based prophet claims to have caused polished diamonds to rain on congregates during a church service.

Congregants at Chiredzi’s King’s Place International Church, which was founded early this year, claim they were left speechless during a Sunday church when diamonds miraculously appeared on the floor following prayers by the 26-year-old church leader, Pastor Gerry King.

Speaking on the sidelines of the “diamond manifestation church service”, Pastor King said the diamond miracle was “just a manifestation of God’s power”.
The pastor showed this reporter four polished stones, which he claimed to be diamonds he picked up after the miracle. He said congregates scrambled for the “miracle diamonds” and those who picked them took them to their homes.

He has agreed to have the stones examined by an expert with our reporters present. Pastor King said 2014 was “a year of wonders” and pledged to perform more life-changing miracles on his congregants.

He said much has been happening in his church, which has skipped the attention of the media.

“The manifestation of diamonds started after members had been having miracle airtime and had seen their bank deposits increasing. At one time it rained during our church service in Triangle whilst the rest of the area received no rains. This is a sign of God’s work,” said the youthful pastor.

Little-known Pastor King claimed people in his church have received healing for different ailments, including congregants who were once diagnosed with HIV and Aids who now tested negative.

“There are a lot of things that have transpired since the church began. The deaf have been healed. Six people who once tested HIV positive have been healed. This is how God is manifesting his power to us,” bragged Pastor King.

Kenneth Chitando, one of Pastor King’s followers, said he was shocked when he discovered that some diamonds had appeared during the church service.
“I was shocked when an announcement was made in church that diamonds had appeared on the floor, I could feel that something would happen. The way people praise (during the service) I can feel God’s presence,” said Chitando.

Zimbabweans have heard it all from a growing army of “prophets” who seem to be competing to outdo each other with so-called “miracles” in an apparent push to grow their churches.

Early this year, a self proclaimed prophet from Bulawayo’s Nketa 6 suburb was forced to admit he lied after Zesa took him to task following claims he performed a miracle by paying off his congregants’ energy bills.

The National Aids Council (Nac) last week took church leaders like Pastor King to task, accusing them of misleading people living with HIV not to take life-saving medication in the hope of “miracle treatment”.

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