Prison guard who was found dead in dam speaks from beyond the grave, reveals a list of his killers


A relative of the murder victim whose spirit testified about his violent death and named the murderers has shared the family’s heartbreak in an exclusive and deeply moving interview with B-Metro.

The relative however, remained mum on the approach the family will take to deal with the strange matter.

According to the relative, who also witnessed the remarkable incident when the spirit of Lovemore Matonhodze (38), manifested through one of his alleged killers, the wife of a prison officer based at Khami Prison Complex, for the alleged killers to have peace something needs to be done spiritually.

“This is not an easily solvable problem. We believe in forgiveness, but we also believe in justice and forgiveness doesn’t rob justice. If the alleged killers are forthcoming, then something needs to be done spiritually to avoid continued torment by Lovemore (Matonhodze)’s angry spirit,” said a relative who insisted on remaining anonymous.

The relative also confirmed as “very” true initial reports by B-Metro that the spirit of Matonhodze, who was found dead on 24 November after having gone missing for two days, “spoke” to them from beyond the grave, revealing a list of his alleged killers.

“It’s very true, Lovemore is tormenting his assailants. On the day in question while sitting in the house we were shocked when the wife of one of the prison guards came together with a senior prison officer and started apologising to Lovemore (Matonhodze)’s wife Fungai saying she was the one who had killed her husband by lightning.

“While in a trance-like state she revealed how and why they killed him before releasing a list of prison guards she worked with to kill Lovemore,” the relative said.

The relative further said the woman decided to come and confess after they failed to get help from several prophets and their church leaders in Gweru.

“She decided to come and confess after their efforts to seek help from prophets and their church leaders in Gweru failed. She confessed that while in Gweru, Lovemore’s spirit appeared and disturbed the cleansing ceremony that was being conducted by her church leaders”.

Matonhodze’s younger brother Alfa however, declined to answer a series of questions posed to him saying he was not yet at liberty to share with the Press strange events surrounding the death of his younger.

Meanwhile, according to sources one of the senior prison officers’ driver and a senior teacher at Khami Primary School were also fingered in Matonodze’s death.

It is reported that during manifestation, the spirit revealed the teacher (name supplied) was also working with the alleged killers to initiate about ten Grade One pupils into witchcraft.

“Following those chilling revelations parents with children who are going to Grade One are now contemplating sending them to other schools fearing that they might be initiated into witchcraft,” said the source.

The source said the shocking incident was not the first one to rock Khami Prison Complex as another one of that nature once occurred in 2004 after the death of a senior prison officer’s son.

As a disciplinary measure against the prison guards who were reportedly accused of causing the boy’s mysterious death they were transferred to “remote” prisons.

Matonhodze is alleged to have drowned late last month during a solo fishing expedition at Khami Dam. On the day, he left his home on a fishing expedition to Khami Dam but did not return.

The following day his family got worried over his disappearance and reported the matter to the police. The police conducted a search, but did not find him until the following day when his brother-in-law, who had reported the matter to the police, teamed up with several members of the public and went searching for him.

They discovered his decomposing body floating in the water and was taken to United Bulawayo Hospitals for post-mortem. His remains were buried at his rural home in Magunje Chisape in Karoi.

— BMetro

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