LATEST: Chatunga Mugabe bashes ex-lover with unprintable words after she mocked his small peni_s


BELLARMINE Chatunga Mugabe, the controversial son of former President Robert Mugabe who is also a celebrated party animal, had a nasty bust-up with an alleged former girlfriend identified as Mimi Charasa on social media.

Chatunga, who drinks expensive whiskey like a fish and parties like there is no tomorrow, was reduced to size after Mimi alleged that she never really enjoyed her se_xcapades with the former President’s son because his manhood was as small as a worm.

This infuriated Chatunga, hurled unprintables at the exotic looking model, much to the enjoyment of both Instagram celebrities’ fans.

Caught flat-footed, Chatunga laughed off Charasa’s claims about the size of his manhood, and hit back alleging that Mimi was just a bitter and cheap golddigger who had seen better days and had slept with most of the regular patrons at the posh upmarket night club, Dreamsnightlife.

The club is owned by businessman and socialite Genious “Ginimbi” Kadungure.

This, however, is not the first time Chatunga has hogged the headlines for all the wrong reasons, last year, Chatunga was implicated in an assault case on Ministry of Health and Child Care Minister Dr. Obadiah Moyo’s daughter, Ashleigh, at popular Harare night club, Pabloz.

Mugabe had three living children; the eldest a girl, 30-year old Bona Chikowore. But attention focuses mainly on the sons; 28-year old Robert Peter Mugabe Jr. and 23-year old Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe, and their step-brother Russel Goreraza, as they have a knack for drama whether it be political or social settings, or in the case of Russell, even in business dealings.

The lavish spending of Mugabe’s `bad boys’ (as they are called) has seen them attract flashy ladies like flies to a light bulb in darkness.

The hits are said to control mining, hotels, fuel businesses inside Zimbabwe. Abroad they are said to own property in South Africa, Dubai, and Singapore.

It is a different story for their step-brother. The 36-year old Russell Goreraza, Grace Mugabe first son, is reported to be a billionaire. One famous anecdote is that he bought two Rolls-Royces because he could not decide between a black or white one.

Russell is famous for being his mother’s business `fixer’ and striking multimillion-dollar contracts.

In a famous deal, Russell fixed her US$1.5 million purchase of a diamond ring from Lebanese businessman Jamal Hamed. The Lebanese is now suing them for US$4 million.

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