Ex MDC-T Vice-President Obert Gutu’s shock resignation latest: Linda Masarira speaks out


MDC-T Vice-President Obert Gutu was forced to resign from the opposition party led by Thokozani Khupe, a former spokesperson of the party has said.

Speaking to Zimbabwe Voice, Linda Masarira, who also left the party in April last year in a cloud, says she is sure Gutu’s resignation was forced.

In tendering his resignation, which he announced Saturday on Twitter, Gutu revealed it was personal and private considerations that made him bid farewell to the party.

“Obert Gutu’s resignation from MDC-T is a huge blow to Thokozani Khupe’s party since he was the legal brains and support pillar for Khupe since the power struggles started before (Morgan) Tsvangirai’s death,” Masarira, who now leads her own party LEAD, said.

She said following Gutu’s announcement, she reached out to him and he was in a jovial mood.

“I contacted Obert Gutu after seeing his tweet and he was in ever jovial mood as usual and just laughed saying he resigned for personal and private reasons.

Knowing the history of the party, he might have been forced to resign like what they did to me,” Masarira told Zimbabwe Voice.

She reckons that the party is now weaker with Gutu’s departure.

“For whatever reason he resigned, it has left MDC-T weaker and more vulnerable. I wish him the best in his endeavours,” said Masarira.

When Masarira left the party, she also claimed she had been pushed out by “unrepentant tribalists” who hang around Khupe. The party at the time insisted it was firing her for wearing a Zanu-PF branded African waist wrap when she was performing private marriage rites at a rural place.

Speaking on the same issue of Gutu’s resignation, a prominent civic society leader has told Zimbabwe Voice that Gutu’s departure from the MDC-T were more political than anything, even though he insists it was for personal reasons.

Abigale Mupambi, the National Coordinator for the Civic Society and Churches Joint Forum (CSCJF), also said the effect of Gutu’s departure would be felt in the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) which President Emmerson Mnangagwa initiated in May last year.

“Gutu’s resignation is a blow to the MDC-T and the POLAD,” Mupambi said. “He may maintain that his reasons for resignation are personal, but one can feel that’s not the case. The reasons why he left cannot be divorced from politics.

“At the very least, Gutu may have succumbed to the pressure of leading a visibly smaller MDC splinter group in this hostile and highly charged political environment.”

Meanwhile, Gutu has kept his next course of action close to his chest.

Analysts say it is important to note that Gutu did not resign from politics, but from the MDC-T.

Some reckon this implies he still has political moves to make anytime soon, although he has ruled out joining the ruling Zanu-PF.

Gutu has also previously said he would never join the MDC led by Nelson Chamisa.

— Zimbabwe Voice

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