Drama at Grace Mugabe’s farm as Muranganwa gets caught red-handed having se_x with married woman


THE head of personal security for former First Lady Grace Mugabe has been caught red-handed having se_x with a girlfriend in the car used by the former First Lady.

Maxwell Muranganwa is also accused of stealing produce including maize, chickens and equipment from the rich estate of the former First Family whose operations are centred in Mazowe.

“Maxwell Muranganwa is in love with a married woman – XXXX – an Accountant at Kaseplan Farm. They run a chicken project together, and also connived to steal 17 bags of maize from the farm which they used to feed their chickens,” revealed a source working at Gushungo Holdings who preferred anonymity for fear of reprisals.

“A security guard caught them red-handed having se_x in the car that Muranganwa uses as escort for former First Lady (Grace Mugabe). The guard intended to make a report and had it all laid out and written down, but tossed the paper down a blair toilet after receiving a threatening call,” the source revealed.

It has been revealed that Muranganwa is one of the several bosses at Grace Mugabe’s business empire who stand accused of stripping the business of its assets and cash through theft “on a grand scale.”

Zimbabwe Voice is relaibly informed that Muranganwa and several others have threatened their colleagues from making reports.

“We live in fear as these top guys now are a strong cartel that gets things done its way when they want it, and how they want it,” the source said. “Only a few months ago, the clique devised a plan to have some senior managers fired so that can do their thing without disturbance. Grace Mugabe fell for the trap and fired the managers who were serving her well, leaving us at the mercy of corrupt vultures who in actual fact are the people asset-stripping the company into oblivion.

“A guard who was about to file a report over Muranganwa’s se_xual escapades threw away the report after being told he would not only be fired, but would be fed to the vultures, whatever that meant,” the source revealed.

Meanwhile, Muranganwa’s girlfriend is said to have been elevated and now reports directly to the former First Lady.

“She claims she is now very powerful as she was instrumental in the dismissal of two very senior managers and now reports to Grace directly. Muranganwa uses the company truck to buy and sell vegetables that she sometimes gets from Kaseplan. He does not pay for them. He gets them for free through his girlfriend.

“They are seen together in the Muranganwa’s car till very late at night.”

Another employee at the farm, speaking to this publication also on conditions of anonymity, said Muranganwa lives by the gun which he uses to threaten anything that stands in his way.

“Musi wakaitwa surprise-check yechibage, ndiyo mota yakashandiswa kubuditsa chibage change chakabiwa na XXXX (his alleged girlfriend). Akchibudisa nekuseri kwe compound yepa kaseplan akaendesa chibage ichocho kunze. Atizive kuti chakaenda kupi.

“How can we have a security Manager who is busy stealing zvinhu zvaanofanira kuchengeta. XXXX’s husband is aware of the affair and drinks too much to drown his sorrows.

“We see him drinking krango (illicit brew) in the compound with farm-workers. He knows he is up against a man with a gun, but it’s a matter of time before he mans up and faces his tormentor,” the second source said.

She added: “Muranganwa uses pfuti yebasa to get what he wants. It’s not clear kuti XXXX akamumanikidza nepfuti here of vakawirirana kudanana kwavo. He threatens people everywhere he goes.

“He says my boss (Grace Mugabe) will be the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe or Vice President within three years. Anoti akaudzwa na Grace kuti ndiye achave mukuru we security kana ave Vice President of Prime Minister. He is also trusted and attends meetings where Grace Mugabe will be meeting her political allies in the former G40 faction.”

The abuse of property at the farm has also seen Psychology Maziwisa, recently employed as General Manager at Alpha and Omega Dairies, being fired yesterday from his role on accusations of theft of money and produce from the business.

Only two months ago, H-Metro reported that a truck which had no lights on and was fully loaded with agricultural equipment stolen from the late former President Robert Mugabe’s farm was intercepted at Hatcliffe in the middle of the night, heading towards Harare.

The case was taken to court, and Muranganwa was the State witness. Muranganwa told the court in December that he recovered a Ford tractor engine, starter, pan disc bar, tractor lurb, chain block, charlocks, 8x8m galvanised pipes, 9xcorner poster of security wire, 3x 32mm rolls of mosh wire and 14 iron sheet roofing material which had been looted at the farm.

Now, Muranganwa has been named as also in the game of abusing assets for personal gain. A third source, who works at the Borrowdale Brooke home of Grace Mugabe, named the Blue Roof, corroborated the complaints from the sources at the Mazowe farms.

“Muranganwa calls some guys from Norton to come and hunt in the farm. If they kill game, they give him some meat in return. Sometimes they kill a farm cow instead and Muranganwa is fully aware of this.

“He is also aware of a racket that went on a rampage of stealing centre pivot parts and spares for irrigation equipment.

“He also sends us to go and capture people who come to fish in the dam and he threatens to take them to National Parks. At National Parks, they pay a heavier fine. So he gives them an option to leave behind their fish. If they do that he takes the fish to his house.

“He also steals meat which would be meant for security guards at Blue Roof mansion. He collects the meat from Highfield farm and takes some of it to his house. The guards are now having one meal per day. We spend the whole day takamira tichichengeta Grace and security manager wake otibira food yedu,” said a source, who is part of the people tasked with keeping Grace Mugabe safe.

The list of accusations goes on.

“Muranganwa recruited his son-in-law to come and be one of us ma guards epa Blue Roof. Isu tese tinogara kuma barracks kugomo uko. But mukwasha wake anogara naye mumba ya Grace. Mukwasha wake anotogara nemukadzi wake nevana vake ikoko. Ko isuwo tisina anaTezvara mashefu todini. Tinodawo kugara nevakadzi vedu asi takaudzwa kuti azvikwanisike.

“Akadzinga Pardon basa nekuti akaunza mukadzi wake pabasa. Takudzwa Chinamonya akaunzawo wake akapotsa amudzinga basa, akaudza Grace nyaya dzemanyepo achida kuti Grace amudzinge.

“Grace akazviona akaramba nekuti mukoma wake vaive naye ku Singapore. pairwara mudhara (Robert Mugabe, who died in September last year). Zvinoitawo here kuti vamwe vanotogara nevakadzi vavo isu tichirambidzwa?” the security aide complained.

Zimbabwe Voice has also been shown a conversation between two aggrieved aides at the Blue Roof, who were complaining about their ill-treatment at the hands of their boss.

“(Muranganwa) Akabvisa mukwasha wake iyeyu from ma gurding duties ndobva amuita cook ku canteen. Anoshanda basa from 8 to 2 otoenda hake kumba kunorara nemukadzi wake isu tichitsva nezuva pamagedhi. Isu tashayawo kuti tomudii muchinda uyu?” reads a message from one aide to another.

Speaking to Zimbabwe Voice, an aide said at one time they roped in Bona with the hope that she would solve their plight, but she too is overwhelmed by the situation.

“Takaedza kuudza Bona tichifunga achatarisa nyaya iyi asi she ignored our issue and plight sevashandi vavo. Such levels of abuse tinoshaya kuti tonoudza ani kana ana Bona vacho vasingacheuki. Looks like vanhu ava vatori captured ne this guy (Muranganwa).

The source also said he was involved in the digging of a grave, ostensibly for Mugabe last September. He says the grave was dug in the middle of the mansion, and witnessed a casket being lowered down there. He however cannot say if the casket had any body inside it.

Robert Mugabe’s casket was buried end of September at Zvimba Village after having spent three weeks inside the Blue Roof mansion.

About the whereabouts of the second casket, the source said they have no idea where it went, but none of the security teams at the gate witnessed it leaving the property.

“Atizive kuti the second casket rakazoitwa sei. Atina kuona kubuda kwaro pamba. Rinonzi ririmo mu bedroom ma Grace, but we do not have solid proof of that, at least for now.”

— Zimbabwe Voice

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