Mnangagwa now ready to step down, real reason why ex President Thabo Mbeki came to Zimbabwe REVEALED


President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has in recent days reportedly told Vice President, Rtd General Constantino Chiwenga, that he’s ready to step down as Zanu PF and government leader if the army deems so, and take a presidential exit package which includes all his current benefits and state provided security for life, Spotlight Zimbabwe, has been told.

This publication can today report with authority that Mnangagwa will not be in office to see 2030 as he had envisaged, let alone any re-election bid in 2023, according to information supplied by a current serving cabinet minister.

“This is what is taking place behind the curtain (negotiations for an exit package). Mnangagwa has openly told the VP that he is ready to step down, if the army wants him to leave, because they want him to leave,” said the minister.

“Chiwenga has actually come to the president’s rescue on two occasions now, because hardline securocrats wanted him to leave office last year and had pressured Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Commander, General Philip Valerio Sibanda, to relieve him of his duties when the vice president was moved to China for medical operations last July, and upon his return to the country in November 2019.”

“The vice president was the one who reasoned with his comrades to give Mnangagwa a sort of grace period to make up his mind, because they did not want to use force and violence against him. The VP heads the Joint Operations Command (JOC), and is only exercising patience because the military no longer supports the president. Ask yourself why former South African President was in Zimbabwe? He was not here for political dialogue, but at the urgent invitation of the president to put out serious fires, and allow himself to buy time for negotiating his exit. Mbeki is actually mediating between the military and Mnangagwa, because the Sadc region is against another coup. That’s why he was in the country for a few days, because Chiwenga and the other generals agreed to give the president room to step down gracefully.”

The minister’s revelations could also explain why Mnangagwa did not go for his annual leave in December, as the situation was “very toxic”, the minister said.

Other government insiders close to the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), yesterday said Mnangagwa took the opportunity of Chiwenga’s visit to his farm in Kwekwe last Saturday, to clear the air on his preparedness to step down, and indicated that he was ready to leave office if the military can guarantee him his golden handshake, security and freedom to move in and out of the country without persecution.

“It is true that His Excellency is negotiating for a presidential exit deal and package, and Thabo Mbeki is at the centre of these talks involving the top military brass,” government sources said.

“Number one (Mnangagwa) is really using all his cunning skills to remain in power a little longer. Mbeki has been brought into the fold on purpose, and he also has the ear of Tanzanian President and Sadc Chair John Magufuli. In essence number one is coup-proofing himself, as he readies for involuntary retirement possibly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).”

Spotlight Zimbabwe, reported in October 2019 without government denial, that Mnangagwa, had reportedly bought an exquisite massive beachfront villa in Dubai, where he intends to retire or alternatively use the opulent property as an exile bolthole should he be forced out of power.

The embattled Zanu PF leader is allegedly plotting to disappear from the country into exile once toppled from power by the army.

We also reported a fortnight ago, that Mnangagwa was under virtual military house arrest, to which the government through Mnangagwa’s wordsmith, George Charamba, denied with a tweet, but our sources maintain that the president’s movements have been gravely curtailed by the army, forcing him to temporarily relocate and stay put at his farm in the Midlands.

Mnangagwa has not slept outside Zimbabwe since he went on leave, and has been taking quick and short trips in the region, flying back home before sunset.

— Spotlight

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