Fracas as woman dumps husband of 20 years after being se_xually starved for 6 years


A woman from Lupane has decided to dump her husband of 20 years after being se_xually starved for six years after the man allegedly had a spell cast on him by one of his girlfriends, causing ere_ctile dysfunction.

Surprisingly Dingani Moyo wanted his wife Margaret Ndlovu to suffer for his sins as he did not want her to find new love.

He reportedly threatened to kill his wife if she dumped him for another man.

Therefore, Ndlovu stayed with a se_xually dysfunctional man for six years, but has now found new love as she needs to be se_xually satisfied.

“When the couple’s problems began Moyo would sleep on his tummy or face the other direction. They would fight if ever Ndlovu touched him. Ndlovu then quizzed him about his behaviour and that is when he opened up and told her that he could not se_xually satisfy her as his girlfriend had locked his private parts,” said a source close to this issue.

Moyo is reported to be suffering from ere-ctile dysfunction because one of his unidentified girlfriends used juju on him so that he could never have se_x with anyone else besides her.

Ndlovu could not fathom not having se_x so she decided to move on. Her decision to move on did not go well with Moyo as he threatened to cut her into pieces. Moyo then went to report his wife to Councillor Kevin Ncube.

“Ndlovu said his wife is disrespecting him as she is bringing another man in the house though he paid lobola for her. He said he needs his wife to be disciplined because she has reduced him to a laughing stock in the village,” said Councillor Ncube.

Ncube said he advised the couple to live separately because Moyo’s threats could result in him killing Ndlovu or her lover.

— BMetro

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