LATEST: Lovemore Madhuku attacks people’s favourite opposition leader Nelson Chamisa


NATIONAL Constitutional Assembly (NCA) president Professor Lovemore Madhuku has slammed the most loved MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa for calling for protests while not participating in them.

Mr Chamisa has been urging his party supporters to participate in protests that have previously led to the loss of life and property.

Prof Madhuku said in the fight for the country’s democracy, Mr Chamisa was beneath him and some of the founding MDC leaders including the late party president Morgan Tsvangirai who led from the front.

He was speaking during a Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) media briefing at a Bulawayo hotel on Friday where the political players also criticised the MDC Alliance and its allies for calling for illegal sanctions.

“Chamisa is not in our league, we led the demonstrations, we led the struggle for democratisation here at the most dangerous phase of the development of our country. You can’t go around saying we have to do what Chamisa is doing, he has not led a single demonstration as far as I know,” said Prof Madhuku.

He said calling for demonstrations was totally different from leading the protests.

Prof Madhuku recalled how together with the late Tsvangirai they were bashed in 2007 under the administration of the late President Robert Mugabe.

He said the same cannot be said about Mr Chamisa who is enjoying the foundation they laid back in the day.

Meanwhile, Polad has slammed non-progressive opposition elements who want to use people’s suffering for political expediency and personal gain.

Polad spokesperson Mr Khaliphani Phugeni said while they want the best for the nation, some individuals were busy promoting divisions.

“We understand the opposition to this noble idea by ‘the lone voices in the wilderness’ because their political programme depends on the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe which in turn is good fodder for them to agitate for civil unrest, create an environment of lawlessness and mayhem and use the general public as human shields in their running battles with security services.

“They then use those images to scapegoat “reforms” in justifying the retention of the devastating sanctions against our country,” said Mr Phugeni.

He said some of them are always seen at international platforms calling for illegal sanctions.

“While other political players have elected to travel to Europe and Washington persuading investors not to invest in Zimbabwe and also advocate for the imposition of crippling sanctions against our people, we at Polad have decided to sit around the table and dialogue as Zimbabweans on the best way forward for our country,” Mr Phugeni said.

— Chronicle

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