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Seh Calaz claimed in a radio interview that the Fire Family leader does not stand by his Rastafarian principles of being a vegetarian. He said Bev saw Ricky Fire having meat while they were in the United Kingdom and she can testify to that.

Bev says she relates well with both chanters hence prefers to keep her mouth shut.

“I relate well to both artistes and I cannot be in the middle. Ricky Fire actually calls me when there are shows and that way we relate well,” she said.

Another source said Ricky Fire was left with no option but to eat meat as it was difficult for the promoters to get him a vegetarian dish.

“We were all giving orders for our meals and Ricky Fire said he wanted a vegetarian dish. It was however difficult for the dish to be acquired for him.

“It was like a distance from Harare to Marondera ndokwaiwanikwa vegetarian dish, saka rasta nyama vakazodya havo,” said the source.

Calaz threw the claims as a punch during his fierce war of words with the Chitungwiza bred chanter. The two have been exchanging words and diss songs, emanating from claims by Ricky Fire that Seh Calaz made advances on his wife.

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