AN Apostolic faith church from Maqaqeni village under Chief Sigola in Matabeleland South collapsed because of a snake the church leader says was planted into his life by enemies.

Mangisi Ndlovu (PICTURED ABOVE), the founder and pastor of St John Apostolic Church, shared his bedroom hut with a 2m long snake.
“I have been living with this snake for three years but I am not its rightful owner. It was assigned by congregants who plotted my downfall and the destruction of my church,” he said at a
tsikamutanda cleansing ceremony.
Strangely, he never saw the snake in those two years as such he does not know what type it was. The only proof of its existence is that it would hiss and at times he would hear sounds of its movements.
“I would hear the snake hissing and moving on top of the roof. All this was happening anytime, be it in the afternoon or at night,” he said.
With his church now defunct, he blames it on the snake.
“The snake destroyed my church,” he added.
A villager who used to attend St John Apostolic Church who attended the cleansing ceremony said strange things used to happen at the church.
“My sister left that church because she would find her five months old baby playing with a snake in the bedroom whenever she left the baby unattended,” he said on condition of anonymity.
He added that when congregants told the pastor about the issue he did not show interest.
“The pastor told congregants that they were imagining things,” he added.
Those that attended the cleansing ceremony including the area’s councillor Cathrine Ndebele concurred that before the snake was burnt it was vomiting something that looked like dried meat.
“I am speechless. I saw it with my own eyes,” said Cllr Ndebele.
Chief Sigola who also attended the ceremony said there was nothing to comment on as villagers were there to tell the story.

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