These 5 countries have the most powerful militaries in the world…Check out Zimbabwe’s rank


Leading international fire power ranking website Global Fire has listed Zimbabwe 83rd out of 138 countries in terms of its military strength, with the ZNA now weaker than it was in 2019, according to the website’s freshly released 2020 report, this publication can report.

The US military topped the list, while the Russian military came in second place, followed by China and India. India (4th) and Japan (5th) complete the top five.

The Zimbabwe National Army is ranked weaker than neighbouring South African army (31), DR Congo (71) and Zambia (76), but stronger than Mozambique (103) and Botswana (110). Angola is ranked at 57.

Egypt is ranked the strongest military in Africa, at 9th in the world.

Out of the total Zimbabwean population, which is estimated at 14, 030, 000 the report showed that the number of available manpower stands at over 5 million, but only 30,000 are active soldiers.

When it comes to air power, the report said that Zimbabwe’s total strength stands at 90 assets, which include 10 fighter jets, 30 helicopters, 6 attack helicopters, and 38 trainers.

In ranking ground forces, the report says that the Zimbabwean military houses 42 tanks, 300 armed vehicles and 22 rocket projectors, among other weapons of war. The Zimbabwe army has no self propelled artillery, the report says.

The Zimbabwe military has no naval assets as the country is landlocked.

— Global Fire

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