Man fails to sleep as 10 short men dressed in back & white sing & dance next to his bed every night


The father of two from Roodepoort in Gauteng told Daily Sun he was being terrorised by a group of 10 tokoloshes.

“Ten short men sing scathamiya songs, and when they start singing I can’t sleep,” said James.

“They’re dressed neatly in back and white. They stand next to my bed and sing while dancing to the music. They sing all night until the sun comes out.”

He said this had been going on for three years.

“I lost my job as an administrator and my job hunting has come to a standstill. One day I took a train to town and fell asleep and was mugged.”

James said he first heard the tokoloshes at his previous rental place and moved.

“But they caught up with me. I don’t want to change my address again,” he said.

He said when his lover visits she doesn’t hear anything.

“She’d be fast asleep while I’m wide awake,” he said.

His girlfriend Nony Dlamini (30) said: “He starts rolling around just after midnight. Eventually he just sits on the bed complaining about a group of tokoloshes.”

Nony said she didn’t see the tokoloshes.

“I try to stay awake but fall into a deep sleep. I’ll end up leaving him.

“I think the women who were with him left because they were hungry for love.

“We’ve been to sangomas and prophets but no one can help us.”

His previous landlord, Masego Tladi (51), said he found James sitting outside one night.

“He told me there were tokoloshes in the room but the tenants who moved in after him never complained.”

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye said someone who’s jealous of James might have done evil things to him.

“That person wants him to focus on useless things and never do anything positive with his life. I can help him remove those things.”

— DailySun

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