Peter Dhewa Moyo in another sex-scandal, this time with divorced mother of 2 (PHOTO) It never rains for the late musician Tongai Moyo's son, Peter Moyo who hardly goes for three months without grabbing headlines to do with women or sex-related scandals.

The 25-year-old Kwekwe-based musician once grabbed headlines after he allegedly spent a night with a young girl who was suspected to be a prostitute at a hotel in Harare. Some Harare women also fought for him during one of his shows. Minister Shamhu last year publicly urged Peter Moyo to slow down on women if he wanted to live longer. He accepted the 'advice' and promised to be a 'good boy' in 2014, but it seems the famous or rather infamous youthful musician has already failed to stick to his word.

A photo of Peter Moyo deep kissing a Botswana-based married woman, Naledi Kaisara, recently leaked. The woman, who is also a musician and better known as Slizer was married before Peter came into play and she has two children.

The picture which is circulating on social networks such as Facebook and WhatsApp, shows the two alleged lovers all over each other while in a seemingly beautiful room.

The two musicians sparked romance rumours and became a tabloid fodder after they were spotted together on many occasions. Peter also once put a picture he had taken with Slizer as his WhatsApp profile picture.

When contacted for comment, Peter confirmed that the apparently romantic image was a real one which was in his mobile phone which was stolen a few months ago. He however claimed that it (the romantic photo) was not a big deal.

"There is no big deal with that photo mudhara. It was in my stolen phone which caused a lot of noise before the issue ended in the court. But to tell you the truth, there is nothing going on between me and Slizer. We are just artistes who have 'something' in common," he said.

But Slizer, a 28-year-old mother of two who reportedly ditched her husband for Peter Moyo allegedly confirmed dating the Zimbabwean musician.

The Bobonong-born singer and dancer is married to a South African husband Bosi Mosupi, aka Cobra who she is said to have eventually divorced after Peter Moyo came into her life.

Speaking to The Voice, Slizer (who was careful not to reveal too many details) confirmed that she was in love with the renowned Zimbabwean musician.

She said that Moyo’s appearance on the scene had really helped her to recuperate after the heartache of divorce and all the media attention on her private life.

Although the couple first dated last year, Slizer refused to say how they met.

A source close to the two artistes revealed that the couple is well known at one particular hotel in Harare, where Slizer has a permanent room.

The "Diwewewe" hit-maker said it is too soon to discuss marriage, but did not rule it out in future.

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