Brawl as man returns home from South Africa on Valentine’s Day & finds wife with new pubic hairstyle


A bid to surprise her husband with a styling on her pubi_c hair on Valentine’s Day turned awry for a Beitbridge woman when her husband severely clobbered her while accusing her of having an affair with another man who he suspected had requested her to shave that way.

It is reported that Nokuthula Dube who was super excited to surprise her husband Lloyd Ndlovu, a cross-border transporter popularly known as malayitsha on Valentine’s Day — trimmed her pubi_c hair, leaving behind a natural-looking and perfect heart shape reportedly got more than she had bargained for.

This was after her new appearance in her nether region didn’t go down well with her husband who had returned from South Africa when he started accusing her of cheating on him.

According to a source who claimed to have intimate details of a Valentine’s Day’s surprise which had gone horribly wrong, Ndlovu suspected that his wife’s act of “stylishly pruning her garden”, was enough proof that she was having an affair with another man who requested her to shave that way.

“As you know that many women who shave do it for their husbands or boyfriends. This woman miscalculated when she decided to spice her appearance by shaving and styling her pubi_c hair considering it to be an extra special surprise for her husband on his return from South Africa.

“Unfortunately, it did not go down well with the husband who said he did not like the style and concluded that it was another man who had requested her to shave that way during his absence,” said the source.

The accusations reportedly led to an exchange of words between the two, and later culminated in a bashing.

Added the source: “While assaulting her, he was demanding answers as to why she did something she had never done before since they got married eight years ago. The woman defended herself saying it was to surprise him but her husband said it was stupid of her to do such a thing just to please him.”

The source further said Ndlovu who seemed to be upset about the whole situation, continued beating up his wife until her screams drew their neighbour’s attention and they came to her rescue.

B-Metro also gathered that the matter was reported to the police but the wife later dropped the charges at the instigation of her relatives.

In a brief interview with the B-Metro, a hostile Ndlovu denied assaulting his wife.

“I have never laid my hand on my wife, so l don’t know what you’re talking about. Where did you guys get such information? As I’m talking to you right now, I’m on my way to Johannesburg with my wife,” he said.

— BMetro

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