Prophet Passion Java speaks out after his videos showing off guns and speaking in tongues went viral


CONTROVERSIAL and flamboyant preacher, Prophet Passion Java who torched a storm on social media following a video clip of him speaking in tongues had a wide ranging interview with H-Metro Reporter Adoration Bizure over this and many other issues.

Q: What is the purpose of your social media posts?

A: Our social media posts are meant to reach out to the idealistic so that when they want to know more on who Prophet Passion is they will end up watching my teachings and knowing more about God. I use social media as a marketing strategy of evangelizing the word of God. Nowadays things have changed, we now have modern ways of evangelizing as compared to the yesteryear church which specialized on holding tent crusades to preach the gospel. When we evangelize we target unbelievers because we don’t want members from another church to join ours we want lost souls to come to Christ.

Q: There is a video circulating on social media of you showcasing guns, most people did not expect that from a man of God since guns serve a purpose of killing people. What is the idea behind that?

A: The guns are just part of what I have at home, showing them is just excitement of what I never thought I will have. Buying them was not something I was going to do but in my man cave I have games and a lot of what’s needed for every man to have but it’s like when all men would come to my house they world ask and say where are the real man Guns. No one believed me that I didn’t have one looking at the cars outside and the jewelry in the house and the worth of my house. So I said why not then I went and bought. We all have something at our houses that we use for safety and what everyone has depends on what they can afford. In one sermon prophet Makandiwa preached a message he said iwewe kumba kwako kukauya mbavha haubude nebible but netsvimbo coz ndoirikumba kwenyu.

Q: Can you comment on the clip of speaking in tongues. Some are making fun of the tongues. What is your position on the issue of tongues versus what the bible says?

A: I cannot comment on those making fun of the tongues it is up to them but this is not something new, Pastor Chris spoke in shona ( Handei Tose ) in one of his tongues , oyedepo also said musaba musaba whilst speaking in tongues. In acts Chapter 2 verse 6 when people of all languages heard the disciples speaking in tongues they were shocked to hear them speaking their own language . That’s why 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 say they’re tongues of man and of angels, of man you hear all languages of earth etc, So when I speak in these languages it’s not like it’s the first time, it’s biblical.

Q: How do you handle your comic side with the ministry? Do people still take you seriously as a religious leader?

A: Comic life is what others call it but for me it’s called evangelical life this is what has attracted many to our ministry and social media ministry. In America they say Your looks are your hooks, how you look determines how you will attract people and my ministry does not target people who are in church already but people who are in the world. That’s why Jesus was seen with drinkers, pr0stitutes and heathens. Jesus first miracle was of changing water into wine; this was meant to win worldly souls not Pharisees. Some Christians are in cages because of religion but the Bible says where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty. I am serious when it comes to evangelism I can do all that is within my means that is why on July 24 I will be coming to Zimbabwe with Pastor Benny Hinn for a conference to be held at the Harare International Conference Center.

Q: Some people call you The Gaffa others Twabam, why such names on a man of God?

A: There is a difference between Twabam, Gaffa and Prophet Passion. Twabam gives a picture that the prophet is still a human being by laughing, dancing and showing vids on social media. Gaffa helps ghetto people and sponsor Zim dancehall music to find a platform for the prophet to reach the ghetto people. All these are one person like I’m a father to my three sons and a husband to my wife and a Chief Executive Officer to my business but still one person.

— HMetro

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